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Types of Folded Leaflets

A folded leaflet is a choice of many for they are economical, customizable, convenient and durable. Folded leaflet printing options are wide and provide promoter more room for creativity. Bi fold leaflet, for instance, gives you a space of four pages to add content and image. Let us look at some of the most popular types of folded leaflets that you may come across:


  1. Half Fold or Bi Fold Leaflet: It is a simple leaflet and most commonly used for promoting products, events, and services. Half-fold leaflets are also known as bi fold leaflets. They have enough space to add images, content, illustration, and more. VC Print provides online folded leaflet printing services with a wide range of templates and customization option.



  • It makes a classic leaflet.
  • Makes perfect menus and brochures.


  1. Roll Fold Leaflets: The outer panels of the roll fold leaflets are folded in the centre. It provides a space of six pages. The roll fold has two vertical folds. The leaflets are mostly used for promoting a new product.



  • Extensive leaflet for displaying products.
  • It makes a multi-page advert.


  1. Z-Fold Leaflets: Z-fold leaflets provide six pages of space with two vertical folds. It provides enough space to add illustration, content, menu, and more. Restaurants commonly use Z-fold leaflets for menus and the tourism sector for promoting travel and tour packages.



  • Provides six pages of space
  • Ideal for menu and tourism promotion


  1. Tri-Fold Leaflets: Tri-fold leaflets, just like a story, have a beginning, middle, and end. It is designed to perfectly structure relevant content. It makes a perfect option for a short, crisp, and to the point advert. Tri-fold leaflet is a popular choice for tourists, restaurants, and businesses.



  • It has a triple fold.
  • Convenient to add content and images.


  1. Concertina Fold Leaflets: The concertina fold leaflets have eight pages of space, with each fold unfolding in the opposite direction to the previous one. It makes a great addition to a marketing campaign as more space allows you to add a timeline, flowchart, diagrams, and more. Concertina fold leaflets are most often used by property dealers and by hospitals for providing health-related information.



  • When unfolded, the leaflet makes a long landscape panel.
  • It has eight pages of space to add images, tables, diagrams, and content.


  1. Double Parallel Fold Leaflets: It is an eight pages handout with a three-fold design within the leaflet. The leaflet provides enough space to cram in a heap of content and information. The double parallel fold leaflets are created by folding the sheet in half and again in half to form two outer and inner panels. Such leaflets are great to showcase flowcharts, timelines, and more.



  • It is an eight-page leaflet with enough space for images and content.
  • Easy to fold and carry in hand for distribution.


  1. Gate Fold Leaflets: The front panel of the folded leaflet unfolds like a gate or a set of double doors, revealing a three-panel sheet that makes the heart of the leaflet. The leaflets provide a great opportunity to win the heart of the onlookers. The centre panel or sheet of the leaflet can showcase the best part of the service/product. Gate fold leaflets are cost-effective adverts for marketing campaigns.



  • The leaflet opens to reveal something extraordinary or unique.
  • Adds curiosity and excitement to the marketing campaign.


  1. Cross Fold Leaflets: Cross fold leaflets let you make the handout look more attractive and appealing. Such leaflets are like welcoming note with surprising messages with each unfolds. The original leaflet sheet is folded lengthwise as well as crosswise to make as many as eight folds. The space on the sheet can be used for creatively adding content and images. With impactful graphics and even a chart, you can make the cross fold leaflet an amazing advert.



  • Cross fold leaflets can be condensed into the mini paper fold.
  • They can be folded four or eight times.


  1. Map Fold Leaflets: Map folded leaflets are most commonly used for attracting tourists. It is a 16-panel leaflet folded into many folds with one fold at the centre to make the entire paper manageable. It provides substantial space to design prints and content. Map fold leaflets make great chart and wall poster.



  • Map fold leaflets are compact. They can be unfolded into a bigger paper.
  • It is spacious to have a large poster or map imprinted.


Each type of leaflet or brochure has its own purpose. You can choose any as per the theme and requirement. However, bi fold leaflets are the most common marketing tools for they are convenient to hold and distribute.