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Tyler Cameron: It’s ‘Better’ Matt James is the bachelor instead of me

Not his cup of tea? Tyler Cameron was once a top candidate to take the lead The Bachelor, but the reality star now thinks his decision to decline the role was the best – especially since his best friend Matt James will record the mantle for season 25.

“Being a bachelor and in charge is a huge responsibility,” said the 27-year-old during a performance at the Happy! Hour Instagram Live series. “Better for him than for me.”

Cameron noted that he may not intend to “tell a girl she’s not the One,” but he’s confident James, 28, can tell the ladies gently. “He’s having good conversations,” he explained. “A lot better than me.”

Matt James and Tyler Cameron. Rachel Wang / January Images / Shutterstock

Amidst the difficult moments on his journey, the Bachelorette alum wants to be there to support the broker. “Hopefully I can bring him some food, man,” he teased. “I don’t know where he will travel, but hopefully I can bring him some home cooking.”

ABC announced in June that James will be the Bachelor season 25, making him the first black male lead in franchise history. He would continue to compete initially Clare Crawleyseason of The bachelorette but will not return in season 16 after complications from the coronavirus pandemic halt production.

“Congratulations to my brother @ mattjames919 on the name Bachelor,” Cameron wrote on Instagram at the time. “This is all testament to who you are as a person. Now the world sees the person you are and the heart you have. You can change the world. Proud of you and so excited for you. Not thrilled that someone will take my place as your cuddle buddy. PS Beep the drool. ‘

The main contractor admitted in September 2019 that he was asked to be the bachelor for season 24. “Yes, we talked about that,” he said Entertainment tonight. “Where I was in my life … I just didn’t think it was where I wanted to be. My heart was not in it. ‘

Cameron listed several reasons why he declined the offer, including his brief relationship with Gigi Hadid and his father’s health. “You shouldn’t go to the show if you have a girlfriend … if you go out with someone or see someone,” he hinted.

The TV personality continued, “I sat on it, thought about it, and my heart wasn’t in it. And that is something that you must fully invest in. I was on the other side as a contestant, which is a much easier role than being the show’s leader. ”

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