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Two-factor authentication like it or not: Google will automatically activate it for more than 150 million accounts

Two-factor authentication is, today, one of the best options to protect our security in the digital world. The problem? It can be a bit cumbersome to log in due to the extra steps to take. But, with security as a compelling reason, Google is activating this method for its users. They hope that by the end of this year they will be able to automatically activate two-factor authentication for more than 150 million accounts.

As the company has announced, they have among their plans to activate the verification in two steps to million Google accounts in the next three months. Currently most users can activate this two-factor authentication on their own, but many who have this possibility have not yet done so. Google will do it for them.

Google’s two-step authentication is basically about ask for extra confirmation other than password when logging in. There are different methods and options, from receiving an SMS to using a physical keychain if we wish. But perhaps the most comfortable process and the one that in fact Google intends to activate users is that of another device with a session started. When trying to log in, after entering the password correctly, users will be asked to confirm a message that appears on another device such as a smartphone.


Since most of the Google saurians have a smartphone where they have logged in with the Google account, they are Users eligible for two-factor authentication. Since May of this year, in fact, it is something that is predetermined in the new Google accounts. But the old ones still have to activate by themselves or else Google will activate it soon.

It is a process that is going to take a while. As long as “not break anything” Google is going to activate it gradually with the idea that in the long term all Google accounts have two-step authentication activated.

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2FA both on Google and anywhere else that allows it

A good password does not make an account foolproof. Not that it has two-factor authentication turned on, either, but it makes things a lot more difficult. Today the vast majority of major Internet services have the option enabling two-factor authentication. It is particularly recommended to activate it if possible, both on Google and on other platforms.

How Xataka editors create and manage their passwords

To facilitate the management of passwords and logins with two-factor authentication, it is recommended to use password managers and authentication manager. These can be for example Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator. In addition, many password managers directly integrate this tool to have everything in one place.

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