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Twitter reveals paid ticket space for some iOS users

Twitter is paving the way for new revenue by finally opening its live audio feature and rivaling Ticketed Spaces with Clubhouse and announcing it will reach more users. Some Spaces hosts can now create their own ticket rooms and sell access to them. This offers creators yet another way to make money.

Twitter began inviting a number of users to sign up for Tickets Space in early June after revealing it was working on the feature in May this year. Paid ticket space for iOS is currently being implemented. The host remains entitled to request a ticket. It has over 1,000 followers and has hosted at least 3 spaces in the last 30 days.

“We want to help people who create cool spaces create $$. These days, some hosts can create spaces with tickets! For now, on iOS I’m just experimenting and I want to have it available to everyone soon. I know it will take some time, but I want to do it right. “Twitter tweeted late Thursday.

This feature is on iOS, but for now, the popular microblogging platform wants to roll it out to all users and work closely with people who already host Spaces for Ticketed Spaces. I keep doing it.

This means that if you are an iOS user, you can purchase Spaces tickets. Android users have “immediate” access to this feature. Ticket prices are up to the host as the host determines the price and number of tickets. According to Twitter, users are working to create a “unique and exclusive” live audio experience and Ticketed Spaces will provide a new way to flexibly respond to pricing.

Space hosts make most of their revenue from ticket sales, but a small 3% discount goes to Twitter. However, if the host’s Twitter revenue exceeds $50,000, the commission will be increased to 20%.

In hindsight, this extra way to monetize creators on the Twitter platform is a good way to attract more users than Twitter was looking forward to. In fact, the company has an ambitious plan to reach 315 million active users who can monetize the platform per day over the next three years. This can be difficult as Twitter has only added 83 million active users to monetize in the last three years, but as shown by recent Indian challenges, the company is surviving. You have the potential to achieve your goals.

Twitter reveals paid ticket space for some iOS users