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Twitter presents Communities, its version of Facebook Groups and Reddit where specific topics are discussed and entered by invitation

The Twitter we knew 5 years ago is very different from the Twitter we have now. With the advent of features like Spaces, Fleets or the Twitter Blue payment service, Twitter has evolved into more than just sending tweets. The last thing they are experimenting with is Communities, a kind of groups where you enter only by invitation.

Starting today, users can be invited to a series of communities within Twitter. Are communities are related to specific topics like dogs, astronomy or sneakers. Once inside, the tweets that appear are related to that specific topic and you can send tweets only to people in that community or to all followers as normal.

Communities can have their own moderators that establish rules to be inside, invite users or remove them from the community. They say they are working on ways to improve this, as well as discover new communities and allow communities to be created.

The Twitter Reddit

If this functionality has to be extrapolated, the biggest analogy we can find is Reddit with their subreddits. On Reddit, users can create subreddits to post on specific topics, as well as join subreddits already created by other users. Here there are also moderators who establish the rules for being part of the community and what type of content is accepted within the community.


Through hashtags and lists, in recent years we have seen how pseudo-communities have been established on Twitter related to specific topics. Likewise, Twitter itself created the Tópics, which automatically collect tweets on specific topics and allows users to follow specific topics. Communities, in a way, is the natural step to give.

It is Twitter’s effort starts by trying to better retain new users. One of the problems with Twitter is that it attracts new users but once inside they easily lose interest by not knowing which accounts to follow or not finding ways to explore and discover content of interest to them. Hence the arrival of topics, lists, the Discovery function or now Communities.

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Communities at the moment it is a test and it is appearing to random users globally. The functionality will appear in a tab in the bottom bar in the iOS app and in the sidebar within the web. Android users for now will only be able to read tweets from communities to which they belong, but the function is not in the app as such.

Via | CNBC