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Twitter for Android Vulnerability Abandoned Android 8 and 9 devices at risk

Apps on both Android and iOS are normally on the safe side, both the App Store and Google Play Store ensure that every app in the store remains as safe and secure as possible. However, occasionally, a system vulnerability can lead to unexpected behavior or the like. The recent information we have comes specifically from Twitter for Android, where the company made public that devices running Android 8 or 9 were susceptible to breach where hackers could access and use their data.

Twitter also claims that there is no evidence that the vulnerability has been abused in any way,

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Twitter for Android on Android 8 and 9 may have a vulnerability

According to Twitter on their blog, the problem concerns an Android OS security issue that only affects Android 8 and Android 9. Twitter says that about 96 percent of people are already using the latest security patch that fixes this problem, but the remaining 4 at risk of attacker can access the private Twitter data on your device through a malicious app installed on your phone , such as private messages and as such. This is done by working around Android’s system permissions set to protect against such an issue.

This is what Twitter had to say,

Since the attack, we have significantly restricted access to our internal tools and systems to ensure continuous account security as we complete our investigation. As a result, some functions (namely access to the download function of Your Twitter Data) and processes are affected. We will respond more slowly to account support needs, reported tweets and applications on our developer platform. We apologize for any delays caused by this, but we believe this is a necessary precaution since we are making sustainable changes to our processes and tools as a result of this incident. We gradually resume our normal response times when we are sure this is safe. Thank you for your patience while we are working on this.

Fortunately, we haven’t heard a widespread or isolated report about this issue getting big, yet it would be better if we protect our Twitter accounts and our phones at the same time.

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