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Twitter Blue: this would be the paid subscription for the service, and it would cost $2.99 a month

These would be all the extra features we would have on Twitter if we decided to embrace their hypothetical new subscription model.

For months it has been rumored that Twitter will launch some kind of paid subscription, not to make the service accessible only to those who pay, but to those users or companies who want additional functionalities and who can get them out of another predicament. , for example, by posting something wrong or regretting it shortly afterward.

Now app researcher Jane Manchun Wong has uncovered new details about this supposedly paid Twitter subscription, which would simply be called Twitter Blue, and we’ll see if it translates into Spanish in an official release.

The engineer noted that this service, originally called Twitter Blue, would cost $ 2.99 per month, a price that can vary depending on the market it targets. While it’s a low economic amount for businesses, we’ll see if the regular account user decides to invest in this type of plan just to have various additional features.

Some of these features that this alleged Twitter Blue is said to provide would be an “undo” button, although it appears that the suspect’s edit button is not yet on the table. The “undo” button, which may have been the star of Twitter Blue in the beginning, allows you to set it between 5 and 30 seconds. This way, the user or company would have between 5 and 30 seconds, as configured, to undo the sending of a tweet that wouldn’t be visible yet.

Twitter Blue

It wouldn’t be the first time to rush tweets that contain some grammatical or even informational error, so setting it up in 30 seconds can help a large organization avoid any kind of crisis.

Direct debits are another payment function. In fact, collections would allow us to sort all the items we already have stored into folders. At this point, if we decide to hit the Save Item button, we won’t be given any option to organize it.

Another possible payment option, targeting businesses, would be to be able to create and share newsletters from Twitter, something related to the Revue purchase last January.

Finally, other functionality would be related to navigation, eliminating those annoying commercial breaks on information websites related to the purchase of Scroll.

I’m sure there will be so many other features to justify this $ 2.99 base price, although Twitter hasn’t spoken out about this leak at the moment.