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Trista Sutter: Why ‘The Bachelorette’ is more successful than ‘The Bachelor’

Numbers don’t lie! Trista Sutter joined Us weekly‘s podcast’ Here for all the right reasons’ to discuss why The bachelorette has more success stories than The Bachelor.

“I’m in a text chain with the rest of the bachelors and we’ve talked about it a lot – women are doing better,” joked the 47-year-old reality TV personality on Tuesday, July 28, episode of the podcast. “But I have the feeling that there is something behind casting. And you know, like Brad Womack, how he did not ask DeAnna [Pappas] or Jenni [Croft] to be his wife at the end of his show? I think it’s because you know there weren’t the right people. The same happened with, Jen Schefft. And I think sometimes people get caught up in the lust factor. ”

Fans first met Trista when they were competing for Alex Michel‘s heart on season 1 of The Bachelor, which aired in 2002.

“I hit Alex on the fact that he was a great guy on paper for me, like he went to Stanford and Harvard and I was looking for someone who had traveled a lot and a family man, and I felt like he had all those checked boxes, “she explained. “I mean, we had good chemistry, but when I look back, I don’t know it would have worked. I think we are two very different people and after his family responded they called me a few names. … Yes, it wouldn’t be. I don’t think it would have been the healthiest relationship. ”

Ryan Sutter and Trista Sutter from ‘The Bachelorette’ prior to their wedding in 2003. Steinberg / BEI / Shutterstock

The Dancing with the stars alum added that there is definitely a “bit of luck” involved when it comes to finding success on the show.

“If casting has great boys for the girls and then great girls for the boys, then I think there’s a lot to that, you know, and whether or not there is someone compatible with the lead,” she said.

Trista married a husband Ryan Sutter in 2003 after they met and fell in love with season 1 of The bachelorette.

“I decided to go in to really make the experience work,” she said U.S. “I still believe that for someone in charge, I don’t think it will work if someone is not willing to be vulnerable and willing to express themselves and really be themselves without fear of criticism or skepticism or anything. That’s just my experience. ‘

While there are six Bachelorette leads that are still with their winner, Sean Lowe is the only bachelor who married the woman he proposed on the show, Catherine Giudici. Several bachelors, including Jason Mesnick, Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Peter Weber, found love with one of their contestants after introducing them to someone else during their respective finals.

“I was there when they told you no, but I haven’t been there, they went a step further and were engaged and ready for their future and thought they found The One and then all of a sudden the rugs came out from underneath,” she said, citing Jason’s decision to dump Melissa Rycroft for runner-up Molly Malaney during season 13 of The Bachelor as an example. “Oh my god, they are really hard to look at. But just like Jason and Molly, I mean they are a perfect example. Jason knew something was wrong. As if he couldn’t stop talking or thinking about Molly. … I feel it’s all about following your feeling. And if it doesn’t feel right, you have to say something. ‘

For more from Trista – including why Clare Crawley ‘The season may remind you of early bachelor days – listen to it Us weekly‘s podcast’ Here for all the right reasons’.