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Tricks to follow to be aware from online shopping fraud

Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce that allows consumers to purchase goods or services from a seller directly over the Internet using a web browser or a mobile app. Consumers find an interesting product by visiting the retailer’s website directly or by searching between alternative sellers using a store search engine, which shows the availability and prices of the same product at different e-retailers. From 2020, customers will be able to shop online using a variety of computers and devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers and smartphones.

While there are many types, include extremely low-priced product hooks that disappear in a short period of time – sometimes after paying for them without the user being able to get the money back – or that are intended to get hold of the user’s bank details. most common. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to protect yourself. They remember this from digital platforms such as Chollometro, dedicated to collecting offers on the network.

Check prices and reviews

That all products in a digital store have derisory prices is an indicator that it is a hook for the user to buy attracted by this factor. In this sense, the opinions of other buyers who have previously placed an order there are also essential. Ideally, in case you want to make a purchase on an unknown site, beyond comparing prices, is to search for information about the page to verify that the service they offer is authentic.

Check traffic

Low traffic can be a scam signal as most online stores typically handle a lot of traffic. Tools like Similar Web allow you to know the number of monthly visits, the country of origin of the website, or the ranking of each country to give us an idea of where we buy.

Make sure you have HTTPS

Using the https certificate is inconclusive, but it improves user privacy while browsing and prevents information from being filtered: virtually all web pages are already HTTPS, so access to a site that is HTTP just needs to be consumed by the consumer. warn. This certificate, while important as it encourages secure transactions while protecting data, doesn’t mean that website will be safe as it could be used by pirates to sneak scams. However, it is a requirement to pay attention.

Look at the design and the date of creation

Although there seem to be two minor aspects, the design of the website and the creation date of the domain can be decisive in detecting fraud. In many cases, rogue ecommerce are poorly constructed and unresponsive websites because they are designed quickly and their domain is newly created as they usually change it to trick the user

What are the payment methods?

Before making the payment, it is important to know which methods are allowed: there are many web pages that only allow transfers to deposits or use Western Union, two forms of payment that indicate it may be fraud because they have no return or traceability . In this sense, for added security, it is always advisable to use payment methods such as PayPal, which you can use to open disputes.

Who’s behind it?

Often the user sees the terms and conditions and policies as annoying and does not pay any attention to them, but being aware of the natural or legal person behind each store, the service it provides us and their privacy policy are aspects that affect the reliability of that indicate website. and that, if it doesn’t exist, indicates we are dealing with a scam.