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Does the Presence of Trees Help or Hurt Your Home’s Value

Are you in the process of selling your home? We are just even thinking about doing so in the near future. In order to begin the process of securing the value of your house, it is important to take into account all the features that could help or hurt the value of your home. Does having trees within the vicinity of your boundaries, Hamper the value of your home, or does it help elevate the value? Have you ever given this a fair thought before hiring a tree removal in Sacramento for the services of trimming or cutting down trees in order to scale the value of your home for sale? 

To be honest, tree coverage and exemplary landscaping could significantly increase the value of your home. However, having poor and unmaintained trees or landscaping could significantly depreciate the home’s value.

Here’s how the presence of trees and landscape can affect the price of your home. Understanding this aspect can help you to evaluate if you should keep the trees in your yard and backyard or get tree removal services in Sacramento to help build the value of your home.

How does well-done landscaping increase the value of your home?

Many studies show that well-done landscaping or an increasing three coverage could significantly increase the value of one’s home, even up to 30%. Simply by upgrading the landscaping in your area and making it look great, you could increase the value of your home by at least 7 to 8% of the asking price.

How is this possible?

Owning attractive trees as a part of your landscaping can abundant benefit you. Shows how the home’s value is increased as a presence of an attractive tree landscape. Of course, the tree species and the particular ZIP Code that you live in are some of the deciding factors in the elevation of your property value. A properly pruned and shaped tree could increase the value of the property, improve the run-off of stormwater, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions and save on energy. Apart from that, Trees are known to provide shade this summer season and also work as a windbreaker that keeps you warm during the wintertime. All of these benefits of owning free landscaping can significantly appreciate the value of your home.

How does your landscaping design hurt the value of your home?

Just as an attractive three landscape design could appreciate the value of your home, a poor design could significantly hinder the value of your home by at least 10% in depreciation. Some of the common signs of a poor design of landscaping are dying or dead trees, or trees that are planted too close to the house itself, all the trees that are too close to other houses, fences, or shrubbery. It is wise to consider your neighboring homes and the neighborhood as a whole when it comes to getting your landscaping done. It is important not to treat it too dramatically from your neighboring home. If you are looking for tree removal services in Sacramento, feel free to look up online for the right course of action To help with the improvement of your home’s value by hiring the best tree removal in Sacramento.

The process of removing trees there is too close to the house.

Although trees create an appeal of beauty to any home, it’s mandated that trees should be at least 15 feet or more away from your home’s peripheral area. Ensuring that the trees are at least 15 feet away or more gives them the room to grow and ensures that the branches are in touch in the room too closely for your comfort.

The significance of planting trees about 15 feet away from home could also be because trees tend to grow roots that spread to be under your foundation over time. This issue could cause potential compromise to the structural integrity of your home, and therefore they appreciate the value of your home. Roots also tend to grow and expand, which could cause an issue with the basement and the water absorption around your home, Leading to a potential of cracks in your home foundation.

If such a situation arises, be sure to contact tree removal services in Sacramento, as they could help cut down the tree that is too close to the house and significantly improve your home’s value.