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Top Fact that you don’t Know till now

1. Hot water becomes ice more quickly than cold water.

2. There are no eyebrows in Mona Lisa.

3. Each letter in English is used for the phrase, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

4. The tongue is the most powerful muscle in the body.

5. Ant’s rest in 12 hours for about 8 minutes.

6. “I Am” in English is the shortest complete phrase.


7. Coca-Cola was originally green.


8. Mohammed is the most common name on earth.


9. You will weigh a little less when the moon is directly overhead.


10. Three eyelids have been used by camels to guard against the wild desert sand.

11.There are only two words in English with all five vows in order: “abstemious” and “facetious,” respectively.

12. All continents’ names end with the same letter they are beginning with.

13. Every person in the USA has two credit cards.


14. TYPEWRITER is the longest word that only one row of the keyboard can write using letters.
15. Celsius minus 40 is the same as Fahrenheit minus 40 degrees.


16. Chocolate may kill dogs because it contains theobromine that affects the nervous system and heart.

17. Women almost double the blink of men!


18. By holding your breath, you can’t kill yourself.

19. Your elbow cannot be licked.

20.The Guinness Book of Records holds the record because it is the public library’s most often stolen book.