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Top executive of the Trump Organization has been charged with tax fraud.

The company and its chief financial officer formerly US President Donald Trump were charged with tax crimes.

On Thursday, 73-year-old Allen Weisselberg turned to the authorities of New York. Later he received a disguise of 1,7 million dollars (1.2 million pounds) of income.

The 15-year scheme, according to prosecutors, helped managers avoid taxes by providing benefits such as rental and school fees, which were hidden from authorities.

The firm has been pleaded not guilty to fiscal fraud by its attorneys and Mr. Weisselberg.

Mr. Trump has not been charged personally, although some of the checks have been signed at the center of the case by the prosecutors.

The Trump Organization is a family holding company that owns hotels, golf clubs, and other properties – the foundation of a global brand including book deals, television shows, and skyscrapers of Trump.