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Top 5 features of AllegianceMD EMR software


AllegianceMD EHR has been in the market for over 20 years and has been loved and used by thousands of doctors. AllegianceMD’s EHR is targeted to medical practices and clinics of all sizes, from the solo provider up to large multi-location outpatient facilities. Allegiance EHR promises no more crashes, freezes, costly networks, and servers, or IT annoyances.


AllegianceMD not only offers excellent EHR software but also offers practice management and patient engagement solutions. Allegiance is quite known for its EHR features since they are so many amazing ones. Let’s move forward and look at the EHR features it offers.

Top EHR Features of AllegianceMD

AllegianceMD has lots and lots of amazing EHR features but there are a few features that stand out. The top 5 EHR features that AllegianceMD offers are as follows:


  1. Telemedicine Solutions
  2. Online Scheduling
  3. Electronic Prescriptions
  4. Patient Portal
  5. Billing

Telemedicine solutions

AllegianceMD realizes that not all patients can visit their doctors when they want. This feature helps a lot to those patients who live in a rural area. This is a great solution for the practice as well as it allows you to increase revenue without increasing overhead.


During the Covid-19 Pandemic, this feature has helped thousands of people. Since almost every other country was in lockdown, the patients couldn’t leave their households due to the fear of catching the virus. This feature came in handy and allowed them to get their treatments at home.

Electronic Prescriptions

The feature allows you to electronically prescribe and track controlled substances. Not only that but the software also checks patient insurance eligibility and offers alternatives when necessary. This feature creates so much ease for both parties.


With the help of the AllegianceMD EMR Electronic Prescriptions feature, You can send electronic prescriptions to the pharmacy, receive refill requests, and even place replacement requests for generic equivalents, all with the press of a button. AllegianceMD EMR reviews are filled with praises of this feature and how it has proved to be so helpful.

Online Scheduling

One feature that AllegianceMD EMR is close to perfect at is its scheduling tools. With its scheduling tools, you stop worrying about appointment scheduling and cancellations. Patients can book online appointments and fill out their demographics which reduces the administrative load. It attracts new patients by offering the convenience of online booking.


Not only does the software take care of appointment scheduling and cancellation but also sends automated appointment reminders by voice, text, & email.

Patient Portal

AllegianceMD EMR has a very well-designed and extremely professional Patient Portal. There are many EHR software that are offering this feature but the kind of functionality that the AllegianceMD Patient portal offers is outstanding. Its patient portal has everything you need to know about your patient so that before an encounter you can easily study the case for better results and outcomes.


The software allows Patients to fill out demographics data online from home and save data entry time while making it more convenient for their patients. With the help of Allegiance Patient Portal, Patients can view their medical records online, including appointments, clinical summaries, health maintenance, and much more!


Billing can be hectic and frustrating. With the help of AllegianceMD EMR you can quickly and easily post any insurance payments with the press of a button, Claims can be submitted straight from a patient’s account, Get daily reports of all claims submitted, and much more.


If you want to test these features out, you can book an AllegianceMD EMR demo on Software Finder.


Final Thoughts!

AllegianceMD is a great EHR software that has a lot to offer to its customers. All its features are designed keeping the needs of medical practices in mind. If you are in search of EHR software, we would highly recommend you to check AllegianceMD out as its overall user review has been great too.