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Top 5 Benefits Of External Casement Windows

Casement windows provide safety and high security. In addition, casement windows composed of aluminum are environmentally friendly, and aluminum is 100% recyclable. 

Offer Superior Ventilation

The ventilation mechanism of casement windows is unrivaled. The windows can be opened all the way with a simple push or pull for enjoying stellar ventilation benefits. In addition, if the space requires additional air circulation, users can opt for double casement or french windows. 

Minimum Framework Clutter

High-end casement windows sport a sleek look with minimal sightlines to support maximum glass area. A few manufacturers utilise the L-fit handle design to offer an isometric design that does not obstruct the view. Such features are only possible with aluminium casement windows. UPVC windows are bulky as steel is added to them for enhancing the strength. 

Enhanced Security

Even after adding steel to UPVC, such windows are not reliable for security as the primary component is plastic. On the other hand, aluminium is sturdy and robust, meaning windows composed of aluminium provide an optimum level of protection. More importantly, high-end casement aluminium windows manufacturers utilise the crescent locking system, which is more potent than a standard push lock. 

Seamless Customisation & Maintenance-Free

Top manufacturers of aluminium casement windows offer stellar customisation offers to provide a personalised experience. You customise the glass thickness, colour, handles, and more. More importantly, such modifications do not minimise the windows’ quality. High-end aluminium windows undergo a specialised coating process to provide a protective layer. For instance, the TEXGUARD coating prevents warping, rusting, and rotting. In fact, the coating enables the windows not to lose their colour for 40 years. 

Immense Insulation Benefits

The TEXGUARD coated aluminium windows do not absorb heat, meaning your casement windows do not disrupt the temperature. You can also ensure complete sealing against air and water ingress by partnering with the right company. For instance, high-end aluminium casement windows are installed with rubber gaskets to prevent air and water from invading the home. Such a solution supplemented with EPDM gaskets can minimise the noise levels upto 25 Db (with a glass of 6 mm thickness). 

Moreover, high-end aluminium windows are tested with Japanese Industrial Standards for assessing their performance against such metrics, including wind load performance. Since cyclonic conditions are paramount in Japan, the window can withstand wind loads of up to 2000 Pascal. 


It is best to consider the cost efficiency while selecting an external casement window for your home. 

  • Material: The best material for casement windows is aluminium. UPVC windows’ primary component is plastic, meaning the windows do not last too long. Moreover, stellar craftsmanship is required to make wooden casement windows, but you will have to continue to invest in varnishing or painting the windows to prevent termite infestation. On the other hand, aluminium windows last long and can be easily moulded to sport a modern design. The TEXGUARD coating prevents windows from all kinds of damages. 
  • Installation: Users may have to pay additional for installation and fabrication charges. Local manufacturers pawn off the task to an engineer, and most of the work will be done on-site. That is not the case with trustworthy partners. For instance, TOSTEM INDIA utilises the pre-engineered window design where nearly 90 percent of the work is conducted in the factory. Also, such a method does not rely on a local engineer’s expertise. The factory manufactured products are delivered to the house, where the engineer only has to assemble your external casement windows. 

As a result, casement window prices can depend on the size, type of window, material, installation, and manufacturer. But, users should opt for cost-effective windows. In the long run, aluminium external casement windows serve you better than other standard window types. 


An aluminum casement window is a beautiful choice for giving your home a modern look. The elegant slim aluminum frames make for a larger glass area, allowing more light to enter. There are undeniable reasons why casement windows are a popular choice for homeowners, which we have discussed in this blog. 

Consider external casement windows if unobstructed views and a rare combination of charm and sophistication is your calling. We hope this helps in your search for the right replacement windows for your home.