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Top 10 Reasons Of Not Losing Weight As Much You Want

Top 10 Reasons Of Not Losing Weight As Much You Want


You might have come across numerous diet tips for weight loss that could work well for you but do you know so many weight loss tips won’t work well? Have a look. It depends from body to body, and every condition varies from one person to another. If you want to shed the weight, then keep these things in mind as well. Yes, there are indeed possible chances where these diet tips may not work for you. Here in this blog, we will share some of the reasons for not losing as much weight as you want.

You Are Not Keeping Track

Awareness is essential and if you people are trying to lose weight, then make sure you have kept track of everything you are eating. Keeping an eye on food intake is essential. People who use food diaries are consistent to see what is wrong for them and what is not. They usually lose more weight than others. A food diary helps to lose weight, so make it a habit and note down everything you are trying for your weight loss journey.

Not Taking Enough Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for weight loss, and eating protein daily can boost metabolism by 80-100 calories. It can reduce cravings and regulate appetite hormones. You all should have protein in your breakfast, and if you have eaten a high protein breakfast and are less hungry, you will have few cravings throughout the day. Protein intake would help to prevent the metabolic slowdown. A low protein diet would reduce the chances of weight loss as much as you want. Increase protein-rich foods in daily routine.

Eating Too Many Calories

Keep this thing in mind that calories intake should be minimum. If you are not losing weight then track your calories for achieving your diet goal. As we have already mentioned, tracking is important to figure out the right things. If you are on a diet with too many calories, it won’t let you lose weight. Consumption of too many calories would stop weight loss.

Not consuming whole foods

Make sure food quality should be taken care of and include whole foods in the diet. Overeating processed foods would have a negative impact on the weight loss journey. Read the ingredients label to see either food containing extra carbs. Don’t consume that food which is highly processed.

Not following cardio exercise

People who are very serious about weight loss need to try cardiovascular exercise, which is a type of exercise that increases the heart rate. It includes jogging and swimming. Cardio can improve your health and is effective for burning belly fat around the organs. Exercise should be included in daily routine because lack of exercise would be the only reason for weight loss.

You Are Consuming Sugar

Diet freaks need to pay attention to their sugar consumption and if you people are overeating sugar, then increasing the calories.  Avoiding sugar and mostly juices are problematic and consumption of these juices in large amounts won’t let you lose weight. Say no to sugar in any dessert or beverages because it would increase the calorie intake.

Lack Of Sleep

Good sleep is necessary, and it is effective for mental and physical health for weight. Poor sleep is one of the major risk factors that increase obesity, and you may go for emotional overeating late at night due to lack of sleep. It affects the weight loss journey. Make sure you all are sleeping at least 7-8 hours for maintaining weight.

Don’t Cut Back On Carbs

People who have to lose a higher amount of weight then take a low carb diet. You would see massive weight loss with a low-fat diet. It has a positive effect on weight loss and improves metabolism, good cholesterol, and blood sugar. Several nutritionists recommend people to try a low carb diet for weight loss strategy.

You Are Dehydrated

If you are following any diet plan and not taking proper water intake, you are wrong. Keep yourself hydrated with 2-3 litres of water for maintaining a weight loss journey. Drinking water would reduce the calorie intake, so make sure you are drinking a glass of water before every meal and drinking a sufficient amount of water would increase the number of calories you burn.

Alcohol Addiction

Weight loss journeys would be affected by alcohol and drug addiction. People who are very much serious about weight loss need to quit alcohol and drugs. Alcoholic beverages are usually high in calories because of the high amount of sugar. Keep yourself away from its addiction; otherwise you would see the addicted people ending their lives in rehab centers. People who can’t afford the treatment expenses can go for state-funded alcohol rehab center who would take responsibility for your complete treatment plan from the government under some conditions.

You Might Have Medical Condition

There are so many medical conditions that could hinder weight loss and cause weight gain. People who are suffering from sleep apnea, PCOS and hypothyroidism would have such weight loss efforts. Take help from a physician who would recommend the best solution to medical conditions. Don’t forget to follow the instructions recommended by doctors.

You Can Have Junk Food Addiction

People who have junk food addiction would be unable to lose weight. Make sure you people are coping with strong food cravings by reducing food addictions. Get the help of doctors and eat less to keep yourself away from unhealthy stuff for weight loss.

These are the few things that might hinder your weight loss journey. If you are following any diet plan, keep track of everything that is recommended because it’s imperative to know what suits you and what is not. Follow mindful eating and eating more protein and strength exercise. Bring required lifestyle changes to see effective results in weight loss.