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Too Much Rain In Your Garden? Solutions And Benefits

Although we do not live in a particularly rainy area, we must take this factor into account to keep our green areas in the best possible conditions. At these times of the year, rains come and go and can be torrential. Too much rain can have very negative effects on your garden. 

When it rains heavily, overwatering can occur and the soil may not be able to absorb as much water. The type of soil and grass, as well as the cut you have, greatly influence the absorption of water. One of the main indicators of excess water is the appearance of yellow spots, but this will depend on the type of garden and they do not always appear for this reason. 

Problems caused by rain

In addition to the bad appearance that it may present, excess watering in our lean can cause a series of very harmful effects: 

Fungi and diseases: Too much rain for too long, favors rotting of the roots, creating an ideal habitat for diseases and fungi to appear. 

Shallow roots: As there is more water in the soil there is less air, which prevents the roots from growing properly. This effect will occur when the rains stop and the lawn begins to dry out. It is important to be vigilant at this time to begin manual or scheduled watering. 

Increase in pests: There may be an increase in weeds and insects that are difficult to control. It is advisable to spray after the rains. 

Solutions for excess rain in your garden

To avoid these problems, we have different alternatives. If it rains excessively in your garden, you may have to use more than one of these options

Treat the plants with fungicide: if your garden spends a few days with too much rain, it will be advisable to use fungicide. If you have many plants, treat those that are most affected by excess water, such as succulents, agave, yuccas, etc. 

Spaced cuts: Each lawn grows at a rate and is cut with different regularity, but because of the rains, it must be distanced in time. In the rainy season, ideally, it should be cut to medium height, approximately 5cm. In this way we get a grass mattress, which will generate shade underneath, preventing weeds from growing due to the lack of light. 

Prepare delicate plants: If you know a storm is coming, protect sensitive plants with plastic as a greenhouse. Taller, younger, or less resistant plants can sometimes also appreciate supports so that their stems do not bend. You can also get some beautiful ideas from home and garden show experts. 

Advantages of the rainy season

After everything, we have told it may seem like it, but not everything is bad:

Comfort: the rainy season saves us time and water, making those days easier. In addition, it is the most natural way to keep our green areas hydrated. 

Take the opportunity to use fertilizers and herbicides: it is the ideal time to pay. The fertilizer prolongs the life of the species by providing nutrients and eliminating certain threats. Using it in excess can be dangerous, and this is why the rainy season is the ideal time. With the rains, the compost is diluted more homogeneously and makes the plants absorb it better. 

You can also take out your indoor plants so that they receive rainwater that also cleans their leaves.

As we have seen, rains can be a big problem, but at the same time, one of our best allies to keep our green spaces cared for. Make the most of it and visit the Columbus home and garden show for more tips and anything you need for your green corners. 

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