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Tips To Use Hair Mask For Curly Hair

Has it ever occurred to you that you may not be getting the desired results while using a hair mask for curly hair? Maybe you have missed something, or maybe you are not doing it the right way. This article is intended to answer that ‘maybe’ you are looking for.

#1. Choose The Right Kind Of Hair Mask

There are two kinds of hair masks:

● Protein-based
● Moisture based

Protein-based masks are meant for hair that needs treatment; is damaged, lacks nutrition and strength. Moisture based mask is meant to cure dryness and hair fall. So, it would help if you chose the hair mask based on your hair type and state.

#2. Wash Hair Before Applying Mask

Hair masks should always be applied to wet and cleansed hair. If you apply a hair mask to dirty hair, the debris in your hair will not allow the mask to work appropriately and penetrate well. When you clean your hair, you remove all the build-up, and your hair is then ready to receive nourishment. After washing your hair:

1. Take a good amount, from half to one teaspoon of hair mask, and apply it gently on your hair from tip to root.

2. Remember, hair masks are not meant for your scalp.

3. Do not apply it on your scalp; just the hair will do, especially the ends because that’s where the split ends are, and that is the driest part.

Tie your hair, or cover it with a shower cap. Let the heat, produced naturally, allow the mask to penetrate deep into your tresses.

#3. Timing Is Everything

Hair masks should be left for a minimum of 2 minutes. But it is advised by hair specialists that you leave it on for 20-30 minutes. Once in a while, you can also leave it overnight. But make sure you cover your head in that case.

#4. Rinse Properly

Many people with curly hair struggle with the rinsing process or removing the hair mask. More than the application of any product on your skin, scalp or head, its removal matters. It is crucial that you rinse very thoroughly and remove all the product properly, or else you will end up completely ruining your hair health.

How Important Is A Hair Mask For Curly Hair?

A hair mask for curly hair offers a deep conditioning therapy that rules out any frizziness, dry and brittle hair and provides your hair with the shine, moisture, and health it requires. Thus, hair masks are essential for all hair types.

But curly hair mandates the use of hair masks because the texture of your hair does not let the natural oils produced by your scalp reach its tip or ends. Moreover, masks produce the moisturization and nourishment that is required for good hair health.


A hair mask for curly hair and straight hair is vital as it nourishes your hair from the inside and can promote longer locks and shiny twirls. In addition, involving yourself in many activities like swimming or travelling or styling and colouring requires a hair protection system that replenishes and fortifies your hair.