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“Why an MBA Essay?” This is the primary and chief question that comes to your mind when thinking about MBA. Throughout your questionnaire and interview, when a school or institution asks you, “Why do you need to study MBA to reach your goals? Why do you want to do an MBA from our institution, and how our resources help you to reach your goals?” Get prepared a strong and attractive answer for your MBA Admission Essay.


The MBA Admission commission is quite particular about this essay. Almost all business schools ask you about the reason for joining the MBA Program. 


Why an MBA Essay? is an important essay question that you write. This question is not only asked in the application essay but also asked in Interviews. As a result, be prepared for this question. 


So, Let’s start with the reasons why you are going to pursue an MBA program. You must know the genuine reason why you are going to do it. Some of the obvious reasons stated by the MBA candidates are:


  • Career Succession and occupying a proper job in the same industry
  • Begin your own business
  • Earning more extra cash
  • Building new friendships and growing business or professional networks
  • To have more interesting work


First, you have to find your genuine reason. This is not enough to mention the reasons only. First, you have to find your genuine reason. After that, you have to develop short-term and long-term goals using these reasons. Then you have to discuss how a particular school will help you to achieve your goals. Your answer should contain the following elements. Your answer must be appealing to the MBA Admission commission. 


  • A self-assessed statement of your weaknesses and strengths.
  • Your work experiences, abilities, and skills
  • Draw past experiences and present skills fixed with goals.
  • Your aims for a long-term period and short-term period
  • Summary of skills needed to reach your short-term and long-term goals.
  • The important part of the whole answer is How do you think this particular MBA program fulfills your needs? You have to show a strong relationship between your career goals and the school’s curriculum/resources. Consequently, you have to go through an investigation to develop a reasonable answer. Would you please go through the school’s website, its modules, activities, and professional development opportunities? This will provide you the knowledge of school and help in decision making and essay writing. 


Some schools offer you a demo for a day so that you can attend a lecture, participate in the case study and have a conversation with students and lecturers. Do not miss the opportunity. This opportunity helps you to experience the programs before engaging yourself in the school.


Formation for your “Why An MBA Essay?”


Start writing your essay with your past experiences. And complete it in 2 or 3 lines. Else, this will repeat the information in your resume. Further, discuss your short-term and long-term goals for the future. Remember to write your essay smartly. 


After that, discuss your current skills and the gap. A review of the gap is a must. Consider skills like technical knowledge, leadership skills, business management skills, communication skills, etc., while explaining the gap. Also, mention how an MBA is the best logical progression to fill that gap. When you are done with this, discuss how a particular MBA business school helps you achieve your goals. 


Short-term and long-term goals are very important elements in Why An MBA Essay. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to this element. If you mention the career progression, salary, and job stability for pursuing MBA is not enough for convincing. Please describe your particular goal as well.


 For example, Post-MBA, I plan to be a merger and acquisition consultant in a top consulting firm like Bain or Accenture. I need to begin a boutique consulting firm focused on marketing services for FMCG customers in developing nations in the long term. 


It would help if you gave a logical reason why you are pursuing an MBA program. Make sure to give your experience with your specific objective. Each candidate has their reason for pursuing MBA, but you need to explain the essay to convince the MBA Admission officers skillfully. So that, they have a reason to select you among lots of candidates. 


Moreover, you also have to discuss how MBA certification benefits you. In what position do you foresee yourself? What steps of success do you think you can climb? The MBA admission people prefer a realistic answer from you.




So, in the end, I hope you can answer the question “Why an MBA Essay?” It is an important question. You should know the answer to this question. You all have to convince the MBA admission board to select you. Give all the answers that are genuine and realistic. I have mentioned the suggested patterns/ formation to write the MBA essay. Remember all the points and give your answer effectively. 


Good Luck.




1.Why is an MBA necessary? 

Answer: Career benefits of MBA Degree:

  • New career paths are open
  • New job positions
  • Your earning capability is the increase
  • You experience excellent job securities
  • Professional skills will improve
  • Increase in your professional networks
  • You become more knowledgeable about your career
  • You become a respected member of your business community