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Tigers EXPLODE from the rest rooms while dogs look utterly helpless


There were no late changes for either side with Patrick Naish (Richmond) and Lachie McNeil (Western Bulldogs) the subs.

Anthony Scott gave the Bulldogs the opening goal of the evening, but it came after Easton Wood appeared to have been caught holding the ball deep in defense; however, it was not called.

A big goal from out-of-form Tom Lynch looked poised to give the Tigers their first major, but he shot the shot badly and kicked his third deficit of the quarter.

Lynch gave Jake Aarts a goal in the closing seconds of the quarter, putting their Tigers at 1.4 (10) against 3.6 (24) at halftime.

The Bulldogs controlled the midfield fight by a quarter and a half, with Wayne Carey saying they looked “dominant” after Luke Beveridge’s squad scored 14 of 15 plays.

The Tigers defense opened up like the Grand Canyon to Aaron Naughton’s second goal of the evening – it was utterly bizarre how much room the Dogs had to move the ball through midfield – and on the other side Lynch kicked his fourth deficit.

For the second straight term, Shai Bolton gave the Tigers their only major deep in red time, and Marcus Bontempelli missed the siren of a controversial free kick, with the Dogs running 5.9 (39) to 2.8 (20).

The Bulldogs led the play 20-10 at half time, while Richmond’s inefficiency was a major problem in the future; they kicked one goal of 16 seconds in the 50s.

Jack Riewoldt gave the Tigers the much needed first goal of the second half; it was their first major from a solid shot in the night. Lynch then gave the goal, making it a game of seven points; Finally, Richmond’s chances took advantage of their match-ups against Alex Keath and Zaine Cordy.

The pressure on the Bulldogs continued to build as Jack Graham scored a goal, with scores quickly tied; the prime ministers picked up 10 consecutive in the 50s to start the quarter. The 11th gave Lynch his second goal and the Tigers their first lead of the evening.