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This suicide drone poses a disturbing future for military missions: you take aim, it explodes where you say

Imagine the scenario: a group of soldiers has to attack a position, and a sniper makes it impossible to advance. It’s on a high floor, hidden behind a window, and there seems to be no way to bring him down. But there is.

Suddenly a soldier “shoots” a tiny drone from a small cylinder, and from his mobile he controls what the drone sees. Locate the sniper, tap the screen pointing at that window and voila. The drone rushes at full speed and explodes once it reaches the target. That drone already exists, it is called Ninox 40 sUAS and it is manufactured by the Israeli company Spear.

A small but deadly tactical drone

That scenario is exactly what a video posted on Twitter by Felix Woessner, an expert in the arms industry, shows. At you see that drone being launched from a cylinder to deploy, begin to fly and be under the control of the operator.

In that video you can see how this ‘tactical drone’ works. After launching it, you can see what your camera emits in real time, and from that image it is possible to send the drone to any location and make your payload explode to try to remove a certain threat.

It weighs only 250 grams and still has a flight capacity of up to 40 minutes, day and night camera, and automatic positioning. The company responsible for its manufacture, the Israeli Spear, has been developing drones with this type of military applications for some time, but this is the smallest they have launched to date.

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