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This look-like Larry Bird tomato proves that nature is indeed a cure

You say tomato, I say … Larry Bird?

Before chopping this tomato to hit it on a BLT, take a good look at it: Many people thought this fruit (or vegetable, I think) has a stunning, disturbing resemblance to Hall of Fame basketball star Larry Bird.

* Remove sunglasses slowly. *

And by God, they are right.

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Poor Larry. He deserves better than this. That’s one of the best NBA players of all time! Tomatoes are not that versatile or delicious. But I bet you could hit a Celtics jersey on that bad boy and go 25/10/9.

It’s not quite Jesus Toast or that one green pepper that looked like Rocky Balboa, but the tomato is entertaining nonetheless. And who puts a hat on a tomato?

In any case, many Twitter people went to the tweet machine to share their thoughts on the second coming of Larry Legend (or Larry Veg end, if you prefer).

If someone finds an eggplant with a full set of shiny teeth like Magic Johnson, it can get a lot more interesting.

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