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This is the new autonomous “megadron” of the National Police: a gift from China that weighs 600 kg and reaches 130 km / h

The National Police calls it “megadron”, although its technical name is Autonomous Air Vehicle (AAV). It’s about the latest acquisition of the police force, which has been presented these days on the occasion of Expodrónica within the framework of the World ATM Congress.

We are facing a gigantic drone weighing 600 kilograms, with a load capacity of up to 220 kilograms and a maximum speed of 130 kilometers per hour. A drone that the National Police will use to access contaminated CBRN areas, access reduced airspaces and be able to maneuver remotely in those situations where the helicopter is not as efficient.

The EHang 216 arrives in Spain

Megadron Police 4Megadron Police 4

The new drone has been manufactured by the Chinese company EHang, specialized in this type of vehicle and that has already successfully tested these air taxis in cities such as Seoul or in countries such as Japan or Estonia.

The specific model that the Police has released is the EHang 216. An autonomous drone with a length of 5.6 meters and a range of 35 kilometers with maximum load. The drone uses LTE and 5G connectivity to communicate with the mobile or the command center.

Dispose of vertical takeoff and landing, being able to maneuver in areas with less space. At the moment the vehicle has been aesthetically retouched by the National Police, but the company has versions specialized in extinguishing fires, such as the 216F model.

Megadron Police 1Megadron Police 1

The new drone of the National Police has been yielded by the EHang company, as part of its expansion in our country. In 2020, the company announced that it was donating face masks, a speaker drone, a camera drone, a logistics drone and an EH216 drone with capacity for two passengers.

Barcelona will shield its airspace with a virtual anti-drone dome to detect and inhibit their movements

The arrival of this AAV is part of a series of tests managed by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) to test the usefulness of these “flying taxis”. It is not expected to be until 2023 when the European Union has the regulatory framework ready, but state security forces are already preparing for its arrival.

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