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This is the inside of the Steam Deck: Valve publishes an exploded view and warns that it is better not to do it at home

The Steam Deck is a couple of months away from starting to hit first-time buyers’ homes. There is still a little bit left, but to whet your appetite Valve has published a Exploded view of the device that allows us to see what your console looks like from the inside.

Opening the console is really simple, to the point that only a few screws need to be removed. The video, in fact, shows step by step how to do it, but Valve warns: it can, yes, but better not to do it at home because opening the console means that it loses some of its resistance.

The Steam Deck uncovered

This is the first time we have seen the console inside. That Valve shows it answers, according to the company, that one of the most frequent doubts is what are the components inside and whether they are replaceable or upgradeable. According to Valve, “the answer is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no.”

The device shown in the video is a pre-production model, so there may be differences from the models that go on sale

Valve explains in the video that while it is true that the console (he actually refers to it as “your PC”) is yours and you have every right to open it, does not recommend doing so. The console, Valve says, has been carefully designed and the components inside have been selected by and for the console. So, Valve says, “they are not really designed to be user-removable.”

Steam Deck
Steam Deck

Opening and removing components from the console can complicate things “deeply”. So much so that something as simple as removing the casing “immediately weakens it and makes the product less resistant to falls.” The warranty does not cover damage caused by the user, so opening it involves taking the risk.

Steam Deck
Steam Deck

Finally, another aspect that Valve highlights is the SSD. It is possible to remove it, as we see in the video, but it is better not to replace it. What Valve recommends to expand the capacity of the console is use a microSD. Replacing the SSD can lead to battery drain, electromagnetic and mechanical issues.

Recall that the Steam Deck can be purchased from now in three versions whose prices start at 419 euros. Although the delivery of the first units is scheduled for the end of the year, those that are purchased now will arrive “after the second quarter of 2022“.

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