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This is how Spirit of Innovation flies, Rolls-Royce’s fully electric aircraft with a 400 kW engine

Following the cars, heThe planes aim to be the next to be electrified. While large airliners are still an impossible task, little by little we are seeing more small-volume planes getting electrified. Rolls-Royce, which makes aviation engines, doesn’t want to be left behind. Its fully electric Spirit of Innovation prototype has already made its first test flight.

We first heard about Rolls-Royce electric plane in December 2019. At that time it was a prototype that was not yet flying but allowed us to see an approximate design of how it was going to be. During these almost two years Rolls-Royce has improved it enough and added the electric motor so that it can fly.

Classic design, state-of-the-art interior

As announced by the brand, the experimental aircraft under the name Spirit of Innovation has made a flight for the first time successfully. This is a single-propeller plane with a classic airplane look, although that beautiful exterior design should not deceive. Inside it is more modern than many of the existing airplanes.

Rolls Royce Spirit Of Innovation Electric Plane 2

It has a 400 kW electric motor which is powered by 6,000 battery cells. The densest flying battery in the world, promises Rolls-Royce. This is purposely to get the maximum possible power out of the engine. Rolls-Royce seeks to reach more than 300 miles per hour, which is about 480 kilometers per hour.

Rolls Royce Spirit Of Innovation Electric Plane 6 1280x720Rolls Royce Spirit Of Innovation Electric Plane 6 1280x720

The plane has been built in collaboration with the startup Electroflight. The airplane as such is not going to be produced in more, in fact Rolls-Royce does not want to make electric airplanes. Its purpose is rather to manufacture electric motors for airplanes, in the same way that it currently manufactures jet engines for airplanes. Spirit of Innovation is simply a concept to show what their new electric motor is capable of and what they want to do in the future.

The most expensive car in the world is the new Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, which is worth a whopping 23 million euros

Rolls-Royce is currently working with the Tecnam airframe and Scandinavian regional airline Widerøe on fully electric passenger aircraft. If all goes well we could see them ready in 2026. While both Rolls-Royce have other ongoing projects to renew transport and energy. Among them, the future electric car Silent Shadow stands out or the mini factors to boost nuclear energy.

Via | CNBC