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This is how reactions look on WhatsApp: the first images of the app’s next feature appear

As we already saw a few weeks ago, WhatsApp is working on including a new feature within the service to react to messages using emojis. This idea initially came from the Slack communication app and later we have seen it in multiple other services, including Facebook’s Messenger and Instagram. WhatsApp seems to be the next app to bring it into the Facebook ecosystem and we already have the first images of what it will be like.

From WABetaInfo, who usually has access to the previous and beta versions of WhatsApp, have published a series of screenshots about the feature. In these images you can see how reactions will appear within conversations. Essentially a smaller bubble appears below the bubble with the main message. It shows the emojis with which the other users have reacted.


If Facebook implements the same system as on Instagram, to react to the messages you will have to hold a long press on one of them and then choose an emoji. However, we will have to wait for the functionality to be available to see if this is the case or if another method is used. At the moment the closest thing we have in appearance and function is the same feature on Instagram.

Public reactions, infinite and with the emojis that we want

As indicated by WaBetainfo, you can react with any of the available emojis. Once done, the emojis with which you have reacted will appear in the bubble below the message. By clicking on it we will be able to see a list of which emojis have been reacted with, how many times with each one and which people.

The functionality will be available in both private and group conversations. In the latter, the name of each person who has reacted with each emoji will appear. In groups it is probably where it is most useful, allowing for example to do “surveys” where each user can respond with a specific emoji.

At the moment there is no date for when the feature will be available publicly for all users. WhatsApp does not usually announce features before they are implemented. However, if we look at the launch history of WhatsApp, it is likely that being already in the beta phase it will appear for all users in a matter of weeks.

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Meanwhile, another of the long-awaited WhatsApp updates that will come soon is the multi-device functionality. Coya we saw, they are working on the possibility of connect to WhatsApp from multiple devices at the same time and independently. This would allow for example to have the long-awaited app for iPad or an app for computers that does not depend on the phone, an app that can already be tested in beta.

Via | WaBetaInfo