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This is Foxconn’s first three electric cars: the largest electronics manufacturer repeats its strategy now in the automotive sector

The world’s largest electronics manufacturer, Foxconn, has shown its first three electric car models. Two sedans and a minibus which will serve as a basis for other brands to offer their own vehicles. Equivalent to what is already happening with mobiles and computers, where Foxconn acts as an assembler, the Taiwanese giant wants to become the “Android of electric cars” with its ‘MIH Open Platform’ that now reveals three options.

The announcement comes during the HHTD21 celebration, a year after Foxconn’s confirmation of entering the electric car market. These are the three prototypes that Foxconn has unveiled and which they intend to market through other brands such as Nissan or Mitsubishi, with whom they already collaborate through local producers.

Model C, Model E y Model T

Foxconn Model EFoxconn Model E

With three names that are closely related to the nomenclature used by Tesla, Foxconn has shown the new Model C, Model E and Model T. For the realization of these three cars an independent company called Foxtron has been created, incorporated together with the manufacturer Yulan Motor.

The first model is the Model C, a compact SUV in segment D with a theoretical autonomy of 700 kilometers in NEDC cycle. It measures 4.64 meters long with a 2.86 meter base and space for 5 + 2 passengers. At the power level, the Model C promises to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds. As described by Techcrunch, its price would be below $ 35,000.

More ambitious is the Model E, a luxury saloon designed by the Italian manufacturer Pininfarina. It will have up to 750 hp, a range of about 750 km in the NEDC cycle and acceleration from 0 to 100 in 2.8 seconds. It also has additions such as facial recognition for opening doors or autonomous driving.

The last vehicle is the Model T. This time we have a minibus with a 260 kW engine, 3,000 Nm torque and a range of about 320 kilometers in the NEDC cycle. It has add-ons such as electronic air suspension and a fully electric motor.

Model TModel T

Foxconn’s goals are truly ambitious, setting itself the goal of supply 10% of the world’s electric vehicle components between 2025 and 2027.

In addition to China, Foxconn plans to produce electric cars in the United States and soon in Europe. The cheapest Model C will be sold from 2023 in Taiwan under one of Yulon’s brands. Regarding the Model E, it will be sold globally under a brand not yet announced.

The shortage of components also reaches the batteries of electric cars: there will be a lack of materials to make them

Son the first steps of a large manufacturer that wants to enter the automotive industry and repeat the strategy that has worked so well for them in the consumer electronics industry.

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