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This “inverted skyscraper” with a base smaller than its attic wants to be one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan

In China they no longer want to build skyscrapers more than half a kilometer high, but in the United States they do not put the brakes on these mega-constructions. Proof of this is the latest proposal from the architect David Adjaye: a skyscraper that appears to be raised upside down with a base thinner than its highest point.

Half a kilometer high to rival the downtown New Yorker

affirmation tower new york

affirmation tower perfil
affirmation tower perfil

The building has been dubbed the Affirmation Tower, and it has several segments that get bigger as the tower rises in height. The project measures 506 meters, and you want to show off this height right next to the Husdon Yards.

Only one other building surpasses it in height in all of New York: the One World Trade Center at 546 meters. Would be also the 11th tallest tower in the world and it would house offices, two hotels, a viewpoint and even a skating rink. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (or NAACP) also has plans to locate its headquarters there. Whoever is at the extremes of the growing side of each “block” is going to have no more than the ground under their feet, with the lower floors being smaller.

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At the moment the proposal is being evaluated. Adjaye’s architecture firm has experience building large complexes like museums and hospitals, but the Affirmation Tower would be the tallest building on your resume.