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This Galaxy Fold folds not once, but twice: its triple screen poses one more option for the future of folding

If the fact that the screen of a mobile phone bends once seemed little, wait: Samsung has presented a prototype of a Galaxy Fold with a triple screen that folds not once, but twice.

The product, called “Samsung Flex In & Out“, has been shown at the iMiD 2021 fair, and demonstrate the capacity of a folding screen that once deployed ends up turning the mobile into a unique tablet.

A screen that keeps folding

This new prototype device with a folding screen from Samsung already began to be seen in preliminary format in May, but that device it was basically a non-functional mockup.

In the video published by Samsung you can see how this prototype does work although you only see that partially deployed screen, and at no time can you see the mechanism with which that triple screen folds twice to end up occupying more or less what a conventional mobile except for the thickness section.

This ‘multi-foldable’ technology from Samsung seems to make it clear how folding screens are being a clear focus of the development of future mobile phones from this manufacturer, although no data has been given as to whether this prototype will actually end up being a commercial product at some point and when such a launch could occur.

At Samsung they recently presented their Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and their Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, but both these devices and all those that have been sold commercially by Samsung or other manufacturers have always had folding screens that were folded once: doing it two of course raises new options.

Vía | Android Authority