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This electric tricycle promises to be the fastest in the world and mine cryptocurrencies while parked

An electric tricycle that exceeds 200 kilometers per hour and that is capable of mining cryptocurrencies while parked in the sun. That’s how bizarre the concept of the Daymark Spiritus is, an electric vehicle that starts at $ 19,995 in its cheapest version and goes up to $ 149,000 in its Ultimate version.

This prototype has been presented to the world after announcing its specifications a few months ago, and already supports reservations in the United States. Daymark is scheduled to deliver these vehicles in 2023, a project that, if successful, would be one of the craziest in electric mobility, which is accelerating more and more with the manufacturers’ plans to leave combustion behind.

A three-wheeled beast that promises to mine cryptocurrencies while parked


The Daymark Spiritus is an electric sports trike that will be sold in two versions. The first one is the Deluxe, priced at $ 19,995. It will have a 36 kWh battery that will offer up to 290 kilometers of autonomy, according to its creators. It promises to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 6.9 seconds and a top speed of 137 kilometers per hour.

The Ultimate version, if it meets the figures it promises, would be the fastest electric tricycle in the world

However, the most striking bet is the Ultimate version, with an 80 Kwh battery, 480 kilometers of autonomy, acceleration from 0 to 100 in 1.8 seconds and a maximum speed of more than 200 km / h. To meet these figures It would be the fastest electric tricycle, although speed is not the only thing that stands out in this vehicle.

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Both versions of the Daymark have solar panels that allow, among others, mining cryptocurrencies while the car is stationary. The vehicle comes with a software called the Daymark Nebula Miner and with its own Nebula Wallet, with the aim of mining while parked.

In addition to this technology, it promises to charge in less than two hours, have a GPS alarm system, WiFi connectivity and even autonomous driving in the Ultimate version. It remains to be seen if it fulfills all its promises and is that, according to the company, they already have more than 36,000 reservations of the Deluxe model and more than 2,500 in the Ultimate model.