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This electric scooter company slows down or even stops users who drive recklessly at a distance

The coexistence of electric scooters with other passers-by is not always easy. Especially when the scooter rider is not careful enough and is riding where it is not due. We live in society and it seems inevitable that there is always someone who drives recklessly, putting others in danger.

With the intention of reducing the danger of these drivers who go outside the norm, the shared scooter company Link and its spin-off of MIT ‘Superpedestrian’ has presented its “pedestrian defense system”. A system that tracks scooters, alerts reckless drivers, and is even capable of slowing or stopping the vehicle. Completely remotely.

It’s really necessary?

Scooter Link
Scooter Link

The idea may fit us from the security point of view, but it particularly raises many doubts from the privacy and personal use of the vehicle. Can you imagine that the car manufacturers did something equivalent? We live in the age of connected vehicles and devices, but it certainly draws attention that a company insmicuu in the use of its product so directly.

How do they justify it? “There are many ways to answer that question, but I think a really insightful answer is that e-scooters are sharing space with other road users in really unique ways,” replies Paul White, Superpedestrian’s director of public relations.

As they explain, the use of this system and the control of the speed of the vehicle is carried out very rarely and It will be previously justified with abundant evidence that the scooter has been used recklessly.

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Being a company of shared scootersIt is possible to think that more priority has been given to ensuring that the service is not misused than to the privacy and freedom of the users.

Link’s system will be added to its shared scooters in 48 cities in the United States and Europe, where the company operates following the purchase of Navmatic.

Using data analysis and tracking technology, the Link system can identify unsafe driving behaviors, for example driving in the opposite direction, on the curb, with sharp turns or rapid braking. At first, in these actions some lights are illuminated and warning sounds are emitted. Alerts are also sent through the phone application or by SMS. If it’s dangerous enough, “slow down and we’ll stop the scooter,” says White.

As explained by the person in charge, the system is based on a large database of maps to “try to understand when you are going down the sidewalk or why you are going back down one street or another”, explaining that in certain cases these users may be driving strange way to avoid dangerous areas or for some other reason. “That’s when we start alerting the rider. And then if we see a repeating pattern, that’s when we would step in and censor the rider in some way, or monitor the scooter in real time if it is a curb or curb pedaling event. opposite direction “, concludes.

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A system to try to proactively improve the safety of its services and to try to reduce accidents, but with the complexity of adding a remote control that generates many doubts.

Via | Fast company