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This curious Canon lens has two fisheye lenses, and with it it is possible to create 3D and VR content

3D content continues to make sense especially in the world of virtual reality, and Canon wanted to contribute its grain of sand to that market with the new RF5.2MM lens, which Features two f / 2.8 fisheye sensors.

The look of the lens is really striking for that configuration with not one, but two lenses, and thanks to this lens it will be possible capture video ready to be enjoyed in 3D and virtual reality.

Recording 3D videos does not come cheap

This lens is intended to be used with the mirrorless cameras in its EOS R family, and Features two 60mm spaced fisheye lenses and that are specifically designed to capture video for 3D and virtual reality applications.

In Canon indeed place Oculus Quest 2 on Facebook as a perfect way to enjoy such content, and they explain that “this is the first interchangeable digital lens that can capture stereoscopic 3D 180 ° VR images on a single image sensor.”

It seems that at the moment the only camera compatible with this lens is the Canon R5, which thanks to a firmware update you can record 8K videos in that stereoscopic format. The video can be edited with a plugin for Premiere Pro and Canon’s own application called EOS VR Utility.

The objective, yes, not cheap: it costs $ 1,999, to which we must add those of the camera: an R5 is around $ 3,900, which effectively means that the combination does not come out cheap. This product will be available in December.

Via | The Verge