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This bot allows you to play ‘Doom’ on Twitter, in one of the strangest variants of the mythical shooter

Refrigerators, calculators, all kinds of consoles and computers, from the most sophisticated to the most modest. Everything can run ‘DOOM’, the mythical FPS from id Software that revolutionized action games in 1993 and that he continues to enjoy excellent health, as demonstrated by the latest and fantastic installments of the game … and the continued appearance in new and unsuspected formats. The latest in a social network, Twitter.

Since last September el bot Tweet2Doom allows players to advance through the game through commands. These commands are reinterpreted by the bot, which sends the player the result of movements in video format. And it can replicate the bot, thus progressing through the levels, and taking into account, for example, that the game runs at 35 frames per second, and that the minimum and maximum number of frames that we can move per tweet is 18 and 350.

‘Doom’ a ciegas

Let’s recognize that the intention to make ‘Doom’ a playable product on any man-made electronic platform leads to some more sensible versions than others. This, which is a turn-based ‘Doom’ (something that already existed in RPG format), is one of the least intuitive, as shown by the videos generated by the bot where we see match videos in which players face a wall over and over again.

‘Tweet2Doom’ is not fun to play, but it is a very interesting process. We have tried it with the script “x, e, e, e, 50-, 50-u, 15-f” (because you have to go through the start menu), and immediately we have received a video with what we have advanced so far. Now what? “35-, t, 35, t” to stop and look at the map or “55-LF, 55-Rf” to rotate 360 ​​degrees without stopping shooting?