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This amazing 3D map shows the 426 submarine cables that connect countries and continents to the internet

Grace Hopper arrived in Bilbao a few days ago. Not the famous programmer who helped create COBOL, but the submarine cable that connected the United States with Europe and that took that name in his honor.

This cable thus became one of the 426 active that surround us and connect to the internet, and now an amazing 3D map allows you to check the routes of these submarine cables throughout our planet.

Cables and more cables

This new visualization makes use of data from the Submarine Cable Map project, which precisely records information about those 426 cables that currently connect countries and continents and They are essential so that we can connect to the internet at high speed.

It is estimated that the total length of these cables is around 1.3 million kilometers. Although some are very short and for example connect Ireland with the United Kingdom, others that connect Asia with the United States —such as the Tata TGN-Pacific that runs from Los Angeles to Japan and Guam— have a length of 22,300 km.

The person responsible for this visualization is Tyler Morgan-Wall, who has published the code to reproduce his results on GitHub and who has used RayRender, a ray tracing rendering software created with the R programming language, well known in statistical computing.

Via | Vice