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Things to know about 2022 Genesis GV70 Luxury SUV

Genesis is known for its several luxury sedans. Hence, to offer something different, this car manufacturing company is now offering a luxury SUV 2022 GV70 that has become a must-buy. This luxury SUV comes with different engine choices as well as various other impressive features and more. Before you visit Yorba Linda Genesis dealership to book one, check out a few essential things you should know about this vehicle.


As mentioned earlier, this automobile comes with different powertrains. The first engine is a four-cylinder 2.5L engine; this is a standard option that offers 300 horsepower (which is not at all shabby). The other choice for people is the V6 3.5L engine known for providing 375 horsepower; however, it is equipped on the Sport trims exclusively.

Though Genesis G70 model is available in manual as well as automatic transmission, this GV70 luxury SUV comes with automatic 8-speed as default option along with an AWD drivetrain. The V6 engine takes about 5 seconds to reach 0-60mph and its quick acceleration aspect makes driving this vehicle even more fun for all.

With precise steering and a superb suspension system, this car rides like any other luxury car. Comfortable riding and agile driving experience make it one of the best luxury SUVs that people can purchase at reasonable pricing when compared with other similar automobiles.

Also, it is expected for this vehicle (2.5L powertrain) to offer 22 mpg in city and 28 mpg on highways. The V6 trim provides a little less and the numbers stand for city and highways at 19 mpg and 25 mpg respectively. Anyone seeking more info about this, check with Genesis dealer near Yorba Linda.


The interior is what you can imagine for a luxury vehicle. It provides cohesive aesthetics by carrying exterior sweeping lines into the cabin’s interior design. Amazing finish along with upscale upholstery, shift know of knurled glass gives a supreme luxurious vibe to people. Also, the rear seat offers an abundance of space for legs and the entire cabin is considered to be spacious enough.

Trunk space or cargo capacity is quite better than its rivals as it can easily fit in quite a several carry-ons without any issue.


Pricing of Genesis vehicles is always affordable when compared with other luxury vehicles in its class. The same goes for 2022 GV70; the entry-level trim starts from 42,045. The next ones include 2.5T Select ($46,045) and 2.5T Advanced ($50,195).

Next in the segment is from where the Sport variant starts. The 3.5T Sport costs $53,665 and the last three follows 2.5T Prestige ($53,796), 3.5T Sport Advance ($58,655), and 3.5T Sport Prestige ($63,555).

Since you are planning to get a luxury SUV, then it is advised to get the 3.5T Sport Advance or the Sport Prestige model for enjoying ultimate luxury. However, you can try to get the 3.5T Sport at least as it has excellent value.

Thus, you need to get down to a dealership today and book this amazing luxurious SUV 2022 Genesis GV70 today.