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They claim to have leaked “all of Twitch”: 125 GB of data including payments to streamers since 2019

An anonymous user has posted on 4Chan a link to a 125GB torrent file, which he claims contains “the entirety of Twitch.” According to the user, this file includes and we quote verbatim:

“The entirety of twitch.tv, with the commit history dating back to its inception.

Twitch Clients for Mobile, Desktops and Game Consoles

Various proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch

All other Twitch properties, including IGDB and CurseForge

A Steam competitor not yet released by Amazon Game Studios called Steam.

Twitch SOC’s internal network teaming tools. “

This medium has contacted contacted with Twitch to verify this information and contrast it. We will update this article as soon as we have a response.

Alleged information on payments to streamers since 2019


From Xataka we have been able verify that this torrent file exists and that it does indeed include 125 GB of data, although we cannot verify its authenticity. The first folder called “Twitch Payouts” is striking, which apparently includes the payments that Twitch has made to streamers from 2019 to the present, before and after taxes.

In the supposed pay table you can see from left to right the ID the cada streamer, the income generated by advertising, by subscribers, by bits and by subscriptions with Prime, among other information of a private nature. It is also mentioned that passwords have been leaked, but it looks like they are encrypted.

On the other hand, the leak includes “Vapor”, the code name of a alleged Steam-like client in which Amazon Games Studios I would be working. This apparently integrates Twitch features and includes Unity code for a game called Vaperworld. There are also certain graphic assets.

According to the user, This is the first part (it is not explained how many there are and what information they include) from the leak and includes “the source code of almost 6,000 internal Git repositories”. At the moment, Twitch has not responded to the requests for information made by Xataka, but we will update when they do.