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They ask to park more than 15 meters from other cars due to fire risk: the LG Chem battery crisis puts General Motors in check

LG Chem has a serious problem with one of its lots of electric car batteries. After discovering that they spontaneously catch fire, the South Korean manufacturer has requested to review thousands of vehicles.

One of the affected models is General Motors’ Chevy Bolt, which, as described by Bloomberg, has requested all users of the affected model that park more than 15 meters from other cars to the possible risk of fire due to faulty batteries.

It will cost more than 1.8 billion dollars to change the affected models

The recommendation not to park near other cars is a temporary measure, at least until General Motors manages to change the battery of the more than 140,000 affected vehicles. Total, 142,000 Chevy Bolt EUV have been recalled. These include the Opel Ampera-e, the German brother of the Bolt EUV.

They are not exactly few cars. The problem seems to affect models since 2016 and although an impact of about 1,000 million dollars was initially estimated, it is already expected that modifying the battery of all these vehicles will exceed 1,800 million dollars, according to CNBC.


Defective LG Chem batteries were produced in Michigan and South Korea. General Motors reports that it is working with LG to rectify these problems and increase production of new modules to replace potentially defective ones.

“After further investigating the manufacturing processes at LG and disassembling the battery packs, General Motors discovered manufacturing defects in certain battery cells produced at LG’s facilities beyond the Ochang, Korea plant,” explains General. Motors, who has applied to LG Chem for financial compensation. In response, from LG they have commented that spending will be divided based on the results of a joint investigation.

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12 fires have been the trigger

Chevy BatteriesChevy Batteries

In all, a total of 12 fires have been confirmed in Chevy Bolt vehicles, according to General Motors. A figure that rises to 13 according to NHTSA, the highest authority for road safety in the US In Georgia it was reported a few days ago that a Chevy Bolt ended up catching fire in its owner’s garage, also damaging a nearby Maserati.