Business is booming.

These headphones could bring you the sound of silence at an affordable price

Audio brand Soundcore has launched a new mid-range Space audio line that can potentially block 98 percent of outside noise.

The queue (opens in new tab) includes Soundcore’s Space A40 earbuds and the Space Q45 headphones, the latter of which includes the company’s new “three-stage noise canceling system.” A company representative told us the system uses a “double cavity structure for enhanced passive noise cancellation to filter out highs and mids”. [frequency sounds]…” For filtering low-frequency sounds, Q45 (opens in new tab) uses a hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) function. This style of sound attenuation is, according to some experts (opens in new tab)more effective than standard ANC as it uses external microphones pointed in different directions to actively filter external noise.