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The world’s largest IMAX screen is in Germany and is wider than a Boeing 737

On September 30, the one that will become the world’s largest IMAX cinema screen. He will do it at the Traumapalast Multiplex center, located in Leonberg, Germany.

This screen measures 21.03 meters high and 38.16 meters wide, and that makes it even wider than a Boeing 737. The room is prepared with 574 seats, and for that opening the premiere of the latest James Bond film, ‘No Time to Die’, which includes sequences filmed with IMAX cameras.

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As noted in Deadline, the screen is also the heaviest in its category: weighs 227 kilos, and it had to be painted with a robotic arm specially designed for that purpose.

These facilities were announced two and a half years ago and in them you will be able to enjoy IMAX laser technology and 12 sound channels They include top and side channels for increased precision and dynamic range.

The choice of the premiere there of ‘No time to die’ is not accidental. Its director, Cary Fukunaga, included in the filming 40 minutes of sequences with that expanded aspect format which was achieved when shooting with IMAX S15 / 70mm cameras.

This will allow spectators in this very special room can enjoy the 1.90: 1 format, which allows you to experience an image size that is 26% larger than that of the rest of the sequences (and the conventional format of other non-IMAX cinemas).

Via | Deadline