The villages are not racist, residents say after Trump’s viral retweet

THE VILLAGES, Fla. – A video of a Trump rally held earlier this month in The Villages hearing someone calling out ‘white power’ received national attention last weekend after the president himself retweeted it.

The golf cart rally for President Donald Trump was held on June 14 in the massive retirement community in Central Florida, immediately after a vigil was held by an African American group honoring George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement.

While most of the attendants of the vigil left before the start of the rally, a woman confronted the supporters of the president. In the video, a person is heard shouting “white power,” a controversial slogan associated with white supremacists.

“You got ‘Black Lives Matter’ there – they were fine. But you had people everywhere trying to get in the middle of the rally, basically to stop the rally, ”said Larry Tobias, a resident of Villages.

The population of the Villages with more than 120,000 residents is approximately 98% white, according to the US Census Bureau. There are more than twice as many registered Republicans as registered Democrats in Sumter County, which is home to much of the sprawling retirement community.

Some say that there has always been a low boiling point in the community between the Republican majority and the much smaller Democratic minority. But many residents of The Villages are concerned that the video is sending the wrong message to the community.

“They are all Trump supporters, but as far as they are racist? No, I don’t think so, ”said one resident.

The organizers of the Trump meeting were not available for comment on Monday.

The president’s retweet of the controversial video has since been removed.