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The United States and the European Union plan a more unified approach to limit big tech, according to Reuters

Amazon, Apple, Facebook y Google son Big Tech in the Crosshairs of the United States and the European Union. They are growing more and more and their impact is increasing in different sectors, as well as in citizens. As such, the United States now seeks to cooperate with the European Union to take a common approach to limiting big tech.

In a memorandum that Reuters has been able to access, the plan of both political organizations to cooperate in the regulation of big technology. Regulators from both the European Commission and the United States will meet on September 29 at the US-EU Trade and Technology Council.

Next week it is expected that the measures taken will be announced, along with others related to the climate impact, the crisis in the supply chain or trade between both continents and from Asia. The Council for Trade and Technology of the EU and the US. was formed a few months ago precisely to address this type of problem, it is an initiative of the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, and the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

Defining the limits of big tech

This meeting is going to occur at a point where big technology is increasingly threatened. The measures that the Council of Commerce and Technology are going to make these investigations and the decisions taken more common and unified in both parts of the Atlantic. That is, join forces to better fight against the expansion of power that big technology is having.


Of the big five (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft) only Microsoft (which already had enough years ago) is getting rid of Trials and investigations in both the United States and the European Union. In Europe, for example, it has been up to Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon. In the United States, all four have passed through Congress.

The other trials "tech" of the century, beyond Oracle and Google: Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google, in the eye of the hurricane

For its part, China is also going after its own big techs, with an even tougher hand than the United States and Europe. It is changing the rules and great empires like Alibaba or Didi are slowly weakening.

Via | Reuters