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The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Virtual Baby Shower

Journey to motherhood is indeed beautiful and what better way to capture the memories than a baby shower? Are you planning to throw a baby shower for your loved one but afraid that not everyone can make it? You can now organize not just a safe but also a fun baby shower by simply moving the party online. A virtual baby shower makes sure no guest misses the celebration. If you are completely clueless about how to host a virtual baby shower, this blog has got you covered. It has everything you need to know to host that perfect digital baby shower.

  1. First things first – baby website

The base of all the virtual tools you will ever need is a website. This serves as a one stop destination for your guests to access everything related to the virtual baby shower. With a website in place, you just need to share one URL, instead of sending multiple links to guests and creating confusion. You can make your website interesting by adding a story, the ceremony details, picture gallery and even a background jingle!

  1. Where’s the party tonight?

Have your girl squad join right from the comfort of their couches. Setting up a virtual guest party is extremely simple, and you don’t really need to spend a fortune on it. It simply means that you have your shower online. Find any video chat platform that works for you – Zoom, Google Meet, Skype etc. Take it up a notch by having fun with some virtual backgrounds! It’s ideal if you can choose a platform where the event can be recorded.

  1. Get the fun started

You can play games, sing, have a musician or stand up comedian perform or do just about anything. Here are some quirky game ideas to keep the party alive.

  • Who’s the baby?

Share childhood pictures of some guests, and the rest have to figure out whose picture it is.

  • How well do you know the mom-to-be?

Add  questions like “what’s the mom-to-be’s favourite movie?” or “how many kids does she want?” and so on. Have your guests send in their answers before the shower and share some hilarious answers during the shower itself.

  • Guess the Price

Get your hands on some common baby essentials such as a pack of diapers or a feeding bottle and have the guests guess the price of each. The one whose guess is closest to the actual price wins.

Food & Beverage to make it extra special

Come on, what’s a celebration without some yummy food? That’s why nobody should miss it out, even virtual guests. Have some freshly prepared desserts, baked goodies of finger food sent to the guests right before the virtual shower. This way, all of you can enjoy the food together as you catch up over fond memories during the virtual guest party.

Smart gifting with a gift registry

Virtual baby shower doesn’t have to mean virtual/imaginary baby shower gifts! The best way to gift is via an online baby gift registry. The guests can buy or contribute to something from the mom-to-be’s wishlist, and without stepping out too! The mom-to-be on the other hand gets everything that she needs delivered when and where she needs them. There are no wasteful gifts, and nobody has to break their heads over what gift to buy. Every gift is meaningful and cherished both by the momma and her little one.

Digital Album

Remember we talked about opting for a virtual guest party platform that allows you to record the event proceedings? A digital album is a short video clip that incorporates key highlights from the shower, guest messages, roasts and toasts. It is a short unforgettable video that can be watched again and again so you can always cherish the precious moments from the baby shower.

We suggest that you integrate all of these virtual services with your website. With everything integrated there, including the RSVPs, the planning process becomes very organized and efficient. The baby shower experience is also much smoother for those who attend it, as they don’t have to be redirected to multiple places.

There you go. You are now all equipped to make your favourite mom-to-be feel a little more special. Get ready to welcome the little bundle of joy, stress-free and hassle-free with a virtual baby shower. If guests can’t make it to the shower, then you take the shower to the guests, and then nobody has an excuse to miss it!