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The true story behind Trista Sutter’s Night 1 ‘Bachelorette’ dress

Trista Sutter, 47, wrote the first TV history Bachelorette 17 years ago. To greet her suitors on the first night, the reality star wore a black dress she might not have worn without her friends, according to Sutter.

The OG Bachelorette came on Us weekly Podcast ‘Here for the right reasons’ on Tuesday, July 28 to talk about her experiences on the hit ABC show, and about the fashion items she still has from all those years ago.

“Oh, I have many,” she said U.S. “Me actually … when we watched the show with my friends, the summary … My friends forced me to put on my dress. The long black I wore the first night when the limousines came. ‘

Dutiful Bachelor education franchise fans probably remember that elegant, low-cut halter dress she wore in her very first episode. The blonde beauty wore her hair down and was decorated with a heart-shaped pendant.

“So I have that and can still fit in, which is crazy,” she went on, thinking about that timeless song. “I was proud of that.”

Trista Sutter. Charles Sykes / Invision / AP / Shutterstock

In addition to the black dress, the Indianapolis resident has held a number of other special pieces from her time on the show. “Of course I have my engagement dress, my wedding dresses,” she explained. “I have some dresses for the rose ceremony and some of my outfits.”

Unlike the current stars of the show, Sutter didn’t have a fashion stylist to go out and find her dresses ‘as they do now’. Instead, she relied on a little help from her friends and luxury department store chain Saks.

“My mom was working for Saks Fifth Avenue at the time, she knew the CEO and he was like ‘I’d like to equip her’ so I made a deal with Saks and they let me shop. I brought as a stylist, the show brought me. ”

She continued, “So we’ve picked out all these dresses and outfits and we’re recording the show and I find that the production sells my clothes. And I was like, whoa, whoa, those are my clothes like I arranged all these eh, these are not your clothes to sell. ‘

So while some of her items were being sold, the star wasn’t quite stuffy, because she found love after all! Sutter (then Rehn) married husband Ryan Sutter in 2003. Today they have two children: Blakesley, 11 and Maxwell, 13.

“I’d rather walk away with a man and a family future than some you know, a piece of material,” Sutter said, reflecting on the experience. “But yeah, it was kind of crazy back then.”