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The ‘Ted Lasso’ series centers the latest internet conspiracy theory: is this actor real or CGI?

That computer-generated graphics are reaching levels of hyper-real naturalism is something that no one escapes: you just have to look at video games that have hit the creative ceiling in that regard, such as ‘The Last of Us 2’, to realize that we have exciting years ahead of us in the search for the total delusion of perception and the definitive overcoming of the Inquietante Valley. Or perhaps it has already been achieved?

That is what the latest conspiracy born in the Reddit forums claims, which ensures that Roy Kent, one of the main characters in the Apple TV + series ‘Ted Lasso’, is actually an artificial creation using CGI. In fact, on Reddit they have been speculating on the subject for eleven months, but a tweet on the subject collecting some of the best moments of the conversation has made half Twitter scratch its head with a gesture of astonishment.

Possible evidence that actor Brett Goldstein is actually an artificial creation includes absolutely regular facial hair, almost mathematically spread over the entire face, and slightly disproportionate head, more voluminous than usual. The fact that the theme of the series is football and the protagonist himself is a player of that sport makes the joke that relates Goldstein to a character from the ‘FIFA’ saga is practically done.

Conspiracy and goal

Also the theorists of this delusional idea speak of the robotic way with which Goldstein seems to declaim his lines, and of the strange lighting that surrounds all his scenes, unusually flat and excessively bright. Definitely, It’s not exactly the evidence that would be accepted in court, but for Reddit and Twitter it’s more than enough.

Interestingly, this end of summer is giving us a few samples of quirky real people’s identity spoofs with computer-generated doubles. Bruce Willis, for example, was officially replaced by a deepfake image in a commercial for which he only had to assign his image rights; and Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, underwent a similar replacement process for demonstration purposes.

What is clear is that, half seriously half joking, the possibility that Goldstein is not flesh and blood, but a virtual image, is excellent proof that there is something about computer-generated clones of real people that makes us uneasy and worries. Everything will be fine as long as we continue to realize it, this curious Reddit conversation seems to say, an indisputable sign of the times.