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The Surface Pro 8 will have two USB Type-C with Thunderbolt interface and 120 Hz display, according to the latest leak

This is a key year for Microsoft after the release of Windows 11, the new version of its operating system that has many new features compared to its predecessor. But it seems that it will also be an important year at the hardware level because the Surface Pro 8 seems more and more evident.

The company announced an event for this week, September 22, and everything indicates that it will be the presentation of its latest Surface model (among other devices). And the latest leaks suggest that the jump in refresh rate will also reach the hybrid tablets of the Redmond ones, at least to its most powerful model.

Interior improvements and a jump on screen

It is not the first thing that appears in the form of a leak on the expected Surface Pro 8, since already in November 2020 information was seen that pointed to the continuity in the design lines, speaking of the alleged Surface Pro 8 and Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4, already presented. If confirmed, the new Surface would take the baton from the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, and what we did see is that the Surface Laptop 4 did confirm those leaks (which in that case was, in part, a jug of cold water).

The latter was the one that introduced the USB type C in the family of Microsoft devices, something that according to the latest massive leak would remain in the new 8 Pro. And one of the most striking novelties would be 120Hz refresh rate on a 13-inch panel.

We have seen this frequency in some of the latest Apple tablets, including the iPad Pro, one of the most direct rivals. In this way, the screen would receive an important update, although we do not know if they will take advantage of to increase the resolution and if they will introduce some automatic adjustment as we usually see in many cases with these refresh rates (so that energy consumption is reduced by adapting the frequency according to use).

As for the connections we mentioned, the Surface Pro 8 would have two USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt 3 interface, with which he would breastfeed with his precedents. With this, the previous rumor that USB type A ports will not be included.

Another aspect in which Surface would innovate, a bit “by obligation”, would be precisely that new Windows 11, with which it would come standard. A software that would come installed in a Interchangeable SSD like some of its predecessors, such as the Surface Pro X or the Surface Pro 7 Plus.

With all this, it looks like except for the design part, the new Surface would be an interesting update, hoping that it has an 11th generation Intel processor. The Surface Book 4, the Surface Go 3 and an update to the Surface Pro X and the Surface Duo would apparently come. There is little left to leave doubts.