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The Star is a large (and expensive) project with a striking design that stands out for its purpose: to be a “pandemic building”

Few things have remained as they were before the pandemic in our day to day talking about customs such as queuing or shopping, or activities such as going to class, the cinema or a show. The scourge of the coronavirus has conditioned many aspects of the day to day and it even seems that it also conditions the new buildings, at least in relation to this curious building project in Los Angeles.

Be rat of him Star, a future office building by MAD Architects studio that at first glance stands out for its shape. The study explains that it has been inspired by the curves drawn by some icons of the city, such as the Griffith observatory (that of ‘La la Land’) or the Capitol Records building, although the striking thing is that it is designed for life in future pandemics.

Ventilation is the key

What looks more like a spaceship than a construction to live and work on dry land is a project by the said Chinese study of architects that already has the striking building of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, named in honor of its founder, the director from ‘Star Wars’. Another design that also stands out for how striking and different it is, also with curvatures as a differential point of its aesthetics and structure.

Star, for its part, is a project of $ 500 million on Sunset Boulevard. The building already has a totally cinematic name and also in a way it emulates what a sunset could be with that circular shape, so everything fits.

Mad Architects 02

But beyond the millions and forms, what is also striking is the “pandemic building” approach that is given. What does this mean? Which, designed to fill offices as explained in the LA Times, Star is designed with the idea that ventilation never miss and that they are offices suitable for work, maintaining the preventive standards that we must still comply with in shared closed spaces.

As NBC adds, the project was designed to meet these needs. Has an external funicular elevator for up to 30 people, with several large terraces on intermediate levels and a totally open layout, something that its architect, Ma Yansong, had as a clear requirement.

Hence, to put it in some way, the coronavirus has helped to shape the structure of this building that also aims to Make the most of natural light. It will consist of 22 floors and the idea is that there are spaces to take breaks without having to plunge into the usual traffic of the popular avenue and without the safety distance or lack of ventilation being a problem.

Mad Architects 03Mad Architects 03

As we are seeing in new buildings and projects like the “vertical forest” or the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower in Taipei, Star also has a certain “injection of green”. It will have several gardens on various levels (floors 10 and 17) and a garden at street level, with plants ranging from trees to plants such as lavender. And in theory with views of the sea and the mountains, as they show.

A script twist in Los Angeles thanks to streaming

In addition to the influence of the pandemic on Star’s plans, the idea that it is an office building and not so much housing is not by chance. They also explained in the LA Times that the tremendous rise of streaming services (which has even displaced p2p networks) has made the mecca of cinema a bustling office building market. The Epic tower, rented by Netflix, or the On Vine complex are examples of this, to which Star will join (if everything progresses).

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Despite the current fight against contagion, teleworking does not seem to match all multinationals located in the United States as we saw with Google’s plans or the supposed decisions of Apple. And the idea with Star is precisely in this line and not so much in that of the big technology companies that are betting more on teleworking, that is, that workers go to offices and that the risk or fear of contagion is not a problem.

Whether the Star is completed will depend on what city ​​authorities approve the project, which would be located between the Hollywood Palms Inn motel and a small shopping center. We will see if it is built and if it is finally useful to reduce infections (whatever it is). We suppose that, between so much modern design and large windows, there will also be quite a few dispensers of hydroalcoholic gel.

Images | MAD