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The president of Benfica football club has been placed under house arrest in Portugal.

A Portuguese judge has ordered that the president of Benfica, the country’s largest football club, be held on house arrest until he pays €3 million (£2.6 million; $3.6 million) bail.

The 72-year-old Lus Filipe Vieira is being probed for tax fraud, money laundering, and other offenses.


He had been president of Benfica since 2003, but his current tenure was suspended on Friday, two days following his arrest.


Mr. Vieira’s attorney claims that his client is “convinced of his innocence.”


Hundreds of locations, including club offices, have been examined by prosecutors and tax inspectors.


Three other individuals who had been detained for interrogation had been released on bond.

Prosecutors are looking into deals worth more than €100 million that could have cost the Portuguese government and various corporations a lot of money.

The club, which is based in Lisbon, has stated that it is not under investigation.

Rui Costa, a former Benfica player, and Mr. Vieira’s vice-president has taken over as Benfica’s president.