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The Pixel 6 and 6 Pro show a major design change

Google cell phones are characterized by not falling into trends and it looks like this will continue in the next, but in a perhaps more remarkable way. The latest leak on the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel Pro teaches us a totally different aesthetic, not just for its precedents, but for everything else.

As a reminder, the Google Pixel 5 looks rather minimalistic, with a small module in one corner and more or less on par with the Pixel 4 XL (this one in terms of brightness, but just as simple). But what we’ve seen this time around is a much more infamous module, a new color palette and internal details that would also be a major change (without official confirmation).

Goodbye, minimalism

Google smartphones have also remained stoic about not falling into the triple or quad camera: both this manufacturer and Sony had one more in 2019, while others were mounted in the combination of at least three sensors. While we’ve already seen two rear cameras, in the filtered views we see two and three rear cameras in what would be the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but we also see them in a striking protruding black stripe that spans the entire back from left to right, as if it were a slice coming out.

The module contains lenses that appear to be the same diameter, without talking about what kind of cameras they are. And another aspect that stands out is the invasion of orange, which at least in this variant would occupy the back that remains at the top (and the logo). All in all, an aspect that pushes aside the minimalism of the latest models and that in terms of colors is reminiscent of the white Pixel 2 XL, although the filterers (Jon Prosser, with the ‘confirmation’ of Max Weinbach, who has a better history) and points points out that the colors can change (like everything else), in fact we see they made one with a coffee-with-milk finish.

The front is also clearer than in the Pixel 5, which meant leaving the conventional frame to make room for the hole on the screen for the front camera and that would be centered in this case. We see that in these images the screen is flat, with thinner frames and with the built-in fingerprint reader

Another aspect that stands out in this leak is that it integrates Google’s proprietary chip, which would say goodbye to Qualcomm’s. Apparently these phones will have the SoC GS101 (GS is short for “Google Silicon”), encrypted whitechapel, developed in collaboration with Samsung and targeting both mobile and even future Chromebooks.

We will see if this is confirmed and, above all, which markets the Pixels reach this year. It hasn’t been much talked about for now and if they follow the calendar the annual renewal would fall in September, so there are probably months to be out of doubt.