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The payment for use of the highways will arrive in Spain: the Government confirms this measure and a possible rate has already been leaked

Spaniards will pay based on how much we use the highways. This has been confirmed by Sergio Vázquez, Secretary General of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, in an interview with Cadena Ser. The payment plan for the use of highways as a substitute for tolls will be a reality over the next few years.

However, the Government does not want the term “toll” to be used. They speak of a “pricing system”. An additional charge whose amount will be determined by the distance we travel through the highways. The longer the distance traveled, the more you will have to pay.

Spain copies the Portuguese model and will charge depending on the use

The pay-per-use model, which is already used in Portugal, has been chosen by the Government, to the detriment of a flat rate for all drivers.

“We are talking about how we are going to implement a charging system. And I would not call it a toll because when people talk about tolls they think of rates similar to those of the highways that are paid today,” explained Sergio Vázquez.

This payment for the use of the highways had been included in the Recovery and Resilience Plan, which states that starting in 2024, it will be charged for use on both state and regional highways.

Cadena Ser also points to a possible rate being considered by the Government. He considers charging 1 euro cent per kilometer, as a surcharge for those who circulate on highways and highways.

According to this rate, traveling from Madrid to Barcelona would mean a payment of 6.4 euros or 3.5 euros if traveling from Madrid to Valencia. And consequently double these figures in the case of a round trip.

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This one cent per kilometer figure could vary depending on the polluting potential of each vehicle or antiquity, predictably favoring the newer cars.

A first phase between the end of 2023 and 2024

From the Ministry of Transport, Secretary of State Isabel Pardo de Vera assured that the implementation of this toll is “imperative”, reaffirming again that it will bet on this measure.

The implementation of pay per use points to 2024, but by the end of 2023 it is intended to establish a first phase, with a ‘vignette’ system and a fixed fee. This system would not last long, as described by El Español, but it would be a measure to accustom users to this new pricing.

The cost of the structure of national highways (about 12,000 kilometers of high-speed roads) is one of the arguments used by the Government to justify this measure. Initially, it was proposed to charge only for the use of highways and highways, but now the door is open to the different autonomies can charge for the use of regional roads.

Cover image | Jorge Franganillo