The ‘Not-So’ Best 12 Days of Summer: Erie County Fair Postponed for 2020

The 'Not-So' Best 12 Days of Summer: Erie County Fair Postponed for 2020

Sorry fair lovers, the Erie County Fair has been postponed. You have to wait until 2021 to experience the ‘Best 12 days of summer’.

What you need to know

  • Erie County Fair deferred to 2021
  • Officials are concerned about unclear phase 4 re-opening timeline
  • People who have already bought tickets / passes can return them for a full refund

Music, laughter, the smell of honest food will be a distant memory at the Erie County Fairgrounds this summer.

“First and foremost, we are a community, and at such times we do what is best for the community,” said Marty Biniasz, marketing manager for the Erie County Fair, at a news conference on Thursday.

For the Erie County Agricultural Society and Fair officials, the decision to postpone the scholarship was an emotional one.

“This is not just any job. This is our passion,” said Jessica Underberg, CEO & Erie County Fair manager.

It’s not the first time Erie County has had to close his grant, but Underberg says there is a difference between COVID-19 and past obstacles.

“When those tornadoes were over, we looked around and said ‘Holy cats! Okay, let’s go, it’s done.’ When the war ended, it ends. The problem is that we don’t know when this happened, “she explains.

Underberg says he is concerned with both the uncertain timeline to phase four. as well as guidelines for social distance and general public health.

“What is the financial impact of that, as we assume our turnout would be lower. Combine that with additional personal protective equipment measures, additional personnel,” she says.

Since things are going virtual, honest officials aren’t sure if that will happen before 4H, but promise something will be done for those kids and animals.

“It could mean that something has been closed to the public. Definitely something that involves social distance measures, ‘Underberg adds.

For people who have already bought passes, Underberg says she will return to the Erie County Fair for a refund mail. You can find the address and more information here.