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The noble art of getting countless free games that we will not play in our lives

It’s a great time to be a player. With a little bit of skill and some attention, it is extremely easy to get a good handful of free games every week / month, especially for PC, but also for consoles with occasional promotions.

For example, every Thursday you can get a free game or two at the Epic Games Store. At GOG (the CD Projekt store) there are also offers of this type often. Humble Bundle is another place to go. Stadia gives away games every month, PlayStation and Xbox the same for their subscribers. In the end, at the end of the year you can build a library of games juicy enough to … have it and that’s it?

But if I don’t play these kinds of games, why am I claiming this one?


A minute of silence for all those games that will never be played.

All this comes because the other day, while I was waiting in line at ‘New World’ (the thing, luckily, seems to have calmed down) I started looking at the games I had on the Epic Games Store and Steam to see if I had anything to play. And I started to go down and down and I thought “but half of these games not only have I never played them, but they are not my thing.”

I thought they would be less, I’m not going to fool you. Only in the Epic Games Store I have 232 games. 232 games, watch out. As far as I can remember, I have only made two purchases on the Epic Games Store: ‘Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order’ and ‘Control’. Neither of them I have come to pass, but that’s another story. On Steam I have 85 games of which I have bought four. I know that they are few compared to what is in some people’s libraries.


A PlayStation there will be another hundred quietly (although in this collection I have invested a lot more money) and on Xbox nothing because I don’t have Xbox, but I do access Game Pass from time to time, especially when there is a launch that I want to try to see how it works. And we don’t even talk about the paid games that become free on iOS and Android, which is another story, or those of Origin, where I have the ‘Battlefield’ and little else.

And let’s see, it’s not that I don’t play, on the contrary, i love to play video games and I usually spend many hours on it when I can, but no matter how many video games there are in the collection (understanding “the collection” for all platforms) in the end I always end up playing the same thing, the two or three games that hook, that I like and which, curiously, I have bought. Usually shooters and, right now, ‘New World’.

Which leads me to think about what leads us to claim all those free games that, in one way or another, we know we are never going to play? I can think, like this, soon, in ‘Farming Simulator 19’. I have it in the library for some reason and I have not touched it in my life, nor do I intend to, because I do not like it. ‘Automachef’, ‘Tormentor x Punisher’, ‘The World Next Door’, I don’t even know what they are, but there they are, in my library.

I claim them, I think, because they are free (seriously). They don’t cost me money, they don’t take up shelf space and “just in case …”. The good old Luis Piedrahita already said it in his monologue: the suitcases are filled with “just in case.” In my case, the games library is full of free games “just in case” one day I get to play a game that I neither know what it is nor probably like.

But I go further: I think it is also the custom. For example, every Thursday at 5:00 p.m. I am watching Epic Games to see what game they give away, usually simple things with exceptions, such as ‘GTA V’ or ‘Civilization VI’, which are very powerful titles to which, by the way , I have not played despite claiming them. The same with the PS Plus games that are there every month.


I lack lives to complete all those games.

All this, this entire library of games that is also increasing, to be able to play two or three hours a day (hopefully). Just to finish the Steam games, which are the least, it would need 1,896 hours (you can calculate it with this tool) or what is the same, two months, two weeks and four days without eating, sleeping, or getting up for the bath.

So we find ourselves in the following situation: if we work / study the time to play is reduced, so it is normal that we go to shot when we have a while to play and, probably, we will not get to explore all those games that platforms give away. But what can we do, They are free and as they say, on a gift horse do not look at his teeth. Just in case.